World championship: Ukrainians turn mountains

World championship: Ukrainians turn mountains

In Belgrade, Serbia is the world underwater sports championship (swimming with fins). Ukrainians were able to win seven awards – three in the first day and four in the second.

On the first day of the competition Ukrainian athletes won a full set of medals. So Daniel Kolodyazhny was awarded the title of world champion in the 100m in the discipline of “swimming in Billah”.

In the mixed relay 4 x 100 as well in the discipline of “swimming in the bilasts”, the silver was won again by Danil Kolodyazhny, as well as Arthur Artamanov, Irina Pikiner and Margarita Smirnova. Alexey Zakharov was awarded with bronze at the distance of 400 m in the discipline “swimming in flippers”.

The second day of the championship was no less fruitful for Ukrainian swimmers than the first. This day gave a motivated athletes with two gold and two silver medals. So Evgenia Oleynikova became a silver medalist of women’s competitions at a distance of 1500 m swimming in flippers.

Eugene Stepanchuk won gold for “swimming in bilasts” at a distance of 200 the same distance rose to the second stage of the championship among women Ukrainian Antonina Antonyak.

World champion in swimming with fins was Alexander Alone. The distance of 1500 m it overcame 12:20.64 min., the Athlete is four-time world champion, four-time European champion and multiple champion of Ukraine.

Alexander is the current world record holder in swimming in fins at 800 m, as well as the owner of several existing records of Ukraine. The athlete is 25 years old, in this sport he is 15 years old. Daily training-in the pool 9 times a week, in the gym for two hours every day.


– Thanks to scuba diving, I not only became a champion, but also drove away the sores. In childhood was very painful. The doctors told my parents that I was facing bronchial asthma. Told him to give me curly cusanero or swimming – where there is no dust. Parents have relied on cusanero because the sport was very fond of my mother. I trained for a year and a half and quit. I went for a classic swim. And two and a half years later tried his hand at underwater. Fell in love with this sport, it is very dynamic – fins help to swim, – says Alexander Alone.

The young man enthusiastically and enthusiastically talks about his favorite sport, about the business of his life at this stage. The athlete is glad that trains in club “Darnitsa-303″ where it is provided with all necessary, and here the salary, however, leaves much to be desired, the guy notes.

– I don’t want to complain. I appreciate that I can be engaged in business which gives me pleasure, – the swimmer adds.


Athletes are incredibly purposeful and persistent people who daily prove to themselves and all others that a person is able to overcome any obstacles. Every day, overcoming pain, injuries and fatigue Ukrainian athletes are moving forward confidently. Alexander Alone is a wonderful example. Everyone is able, looking at such Ukrainians, to develop and reach new heights, daily becoming better than themselves yesterday.

Julia Gutshabes

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