Work to eat: half of the income Ukrainians spend on products

Work to eat: half of the income Ukrainians spend on products

According to estimates of the state statistics service in the first quarter of 2018, Ukrainians spent 42, 1% of final consumer spending on food and non-alcoholic beverages. In monetary terms, this amount amounted to 211,868 billion UAH.  And, here for alcohol and tobacco citizens have fork out for 37,978 billion UAH. that was 7.6% of the embezzlement. In General, the final consumer spending of Ukrainians for the first three months of the year amounted to 503.557 billion UAH.

The rise in prices does not allow Ukrainians to get out of the vicious circle, when the population is forced to work literally for food and communal services. So at the end of 2017, prices jumped by 13.75%, and in the first quarter of 2018, products rose by 4.4%. According to the same state statistics service, the cost of meat and meat products rose by 26%. The cost of butter and animal fats jumped by 16.8%. Milk, cheese and eggs have risen by 23.7%, and bread has increased in price by 18.4%.

Seasonal products, such as vegetables, fruits, as well as sugar, rice, sunflower oil fell in price in Ukraine by 05% -29%. Most of all buckwheat and eggs fell in price (7.3% and 9.5%).

And how has the purchasing power of Ukrainians changed with the growth of the subsistence minimum, minimum wage and pensions, went up sharply? There it was! Association of suppliers of retail chains conducted a study, alas, it is not comforting.


Alexey Doroshenko, General Director of the Ukrainian Association of suppliers of retail chains

- For five months of the current year purchasing power decreased by 27 products from 31, said on his page in the social network Alexey Doroshenko, General Director of the Ukrainian Association of suppliers of retail chains.

So in may, the average salary could buy beef 7 kg less than in January. The decrease in purchasing power was 9%, the ability to buy fish decreased by 10 kg or 8%. Ukrainians can also buy less dairy products, milk for 16 liters (4%) , and butter for 11 two-hundred-gram packs. Truly, Ukrainians will not be the only bread, because the purchasing power of the same loaf fell by 64 kg, which is 8% of first-class wheat bread by 54 kg, which is 9%.

The purchasing power for vegetables from Ukrainians decreased significantly, so in may cabbage for an average salary can be bought for 1062 kg less than in January, which is 61%, carrots for 604 kg or 50%, and potatoes and onions for 240 kg, which is 18% and 16% respectively. The situation is not better for cereals-Ukrainians were able to buy the same wheat by 73 kg less than in January, which is minus 13%. Barley grain is 69 kg less (8%).


The consumption of buckwheat only increased by 80 kg (20%), eggs – by 37 tens(12%), sugar – by 10 kg (2%) and fat – by 1 kg (15).

And, at this time, Europeans spend no more than 20% of their income on food. People in the food goes to 8.1% of the salary, the poles 16, 5% of the total earnings. In the world, it is the leader in the lowest cost of food in the United States. Americans pay only 6.3% of their hard-earned money for food.

Ukrainian prices tend to European, but the level of income on the contrary. Eating their earnings, Ukrainians are forced to drag out a miserable existence. And, after all, Ukraine is a country of the smartest people and huge opportunities! Everyone is able to change the situation for the better, without remaining indifferent to what is happening and be aware of the latest developments.

Julia Gutshabes

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