Happy Constitution Day of Ukraine! (Video)

Happy Constitution Day of Ukraine! (Video)

Love for the Motherland – the first dignity of civilized person


History of Ukraine is the path to independence and the path to dreams. On the 28th of June, 1996 the first Constitution of the Ukrainian state was adopted.

Thorny path was overcome by Ukrainians to get the long-awaited freedom. For hundreds of yearspeople dreamed of independent and sovereign mother-Ukraine… And now, having passed through war and revolution, slavery and the change of political regimes, the dream became a reality. Freedom, national spirit and culture has led original nation to desired moment of truth!

According to the Constitution, Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, social and legal state (article 1). Ukraine is a unitary state, its territory within the existing borders is complete and untouchable (article 2).

The Constitution is the foundation for the development of social, democratic and legal state. This is not just a legal document, but the document, which contains moral compass and social justice of the state!

Man, his life and health, honor and dignity, inviolabilityand security are recognized in Ukraine as the highest social value (article 3).

Ukraine is a strong power, with a glorious history and people. It’s a state with its cultural and humanistic values and traditions. The state, possessing enormous scientific and technical potential and space power, of which can boast quite few countries! The state, the basis of which, are talented and motivated citizens who are able to overcome any hardships!

Ukrainians were, are and will be citizens of the great state! And it means that today everyone is able to exert maximum efforts for the prosperity of their country! Everyone is able to honor the exploit of ancestors whose lives were put on the altar of an independent and sovereign power. Everyone is able to inoculate love and pride for their country to the younger generation!

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