Why wait for a Ukrainian from a new medreforma?

The introduction of medical reform entails a lot of innovations. Do you think Ukraine is ready for such innovations and how do you assess the state of medicine in the country as a whole? Does it satisfy you?

After all, taught by bitter experience, Ukrainians are accustomed to perceive everything new with hostility. We decided to find out how the next changes in health care will take place and how they will affect the population.

“Now every patient will have to sign a declaration with the doctor he wants to see.” Now the earnings of each doctor will depend on him, his skills and ability to find a common language with the patient, – explains the deputy head of the Department of Public Health of the Dnepropetrovsk region Alexei Petrovich Grigoruk

Very much Ukrainians are afraid that those medical centers in which they can receive treatment, located nearby did not close.

- All the medical institutions that we could close, we have already closed. So it’s not planned anymore, – says Mr. Grigoruk

And, again, taxpayers should prepare for the fact that they will deduct additional money from their pocket for the maintenance of a new state body.

- With the creation of the system “money goes to patients” will create a new authority for the distribution of these same money, this is the National Health Agency, “explains Alexei Petrovich

Yeah … the reform is new, and medicine should be 100% free, primary at least, that’s just with the new reform, new bodies and officials are growing, which will again eat up taxpayers. So it turns out that the hospitals have already been closed, they seem to have become unnecessary, but such institutions are very necessary to open.

However, people at the same time are interested in very different issues

- I do not know what to expect from the medreform, but now I have to go to a neighboring village for medical help. Not only do you have to wait a long time for transportation to get to the hospital, so even here you need to stand to the doctor for a crazy turn, and if you feel bad, and the right doctor does not take that day, what to do, die? I doubt that after the reform it will be better, only more bureaucracy will be divorced, who will be better off from this? – Complains of a resident from. Mogilev, pensioner Elena Petrovna

As they say, wait and see. After all, the European experience is certainly good, but the main thing is that our healthcare all the same makes an amendment to the mentality of a simple Ukrainian, to his needs. After all, do not remind about the difference in income of a simple laborer in Ukraine and workers of foreign enterprises. I really want all these new trends to benefit the Ukrainian people, and not vice versa.

And, what do you think about the new medreforma?

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