Why Marines protested in Nikolaev?!

Why Marines protested in Nikolaev?!

May 23, in Nikolaev took place the celebration on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the marine corps of Ukraine, the event was marked by the ceremony of the change of shape of Marines, attended the guarantor of Ukraine. At the event, the move came soldiers of the First Feodosia Separate battalion of Marines (1-POBN).

From now on, the color of the berets Ukrainian marine gets a shade of Aqua, like a stormy Black sea and the Azov sea. Keeping the black berets on a place of honor at home and in museums, to liberate the Ukraine in the operation the combined forces of the Marines will now be in the new uniform, – the President emphasized.

Marines 1-FOBE refused to put on new blue berets, the Navy and remained in the black. In fairness it should be noted that 1-POBN not change the oath and stood up to the last for Ukraine in the occupied Crimea. However, this day fighters declared that will remain in a former form, first of all because it is important to honor traditions of naval forces of Ukraine. But this is not the only reason for protest, but only a way to draw attention to more serious problems of the Ukrainian military.

– Marines 1-FOBE refused to betray the oath and went to the front ranks during the celebrations in their Ukrainian black berets. The preservation of symbols is a symbol of the preservation of combat readiness and traditions, remnants of groups that were fighting with the enemy, not only in the ranks of the marine corps, but all of the APU. Reform is not a change of front! We boldly declare it! FAITHFUL ALWAYS! – Wrote on his page on Facebook Anatoly Vovnenko ex-serviceman of the battalion with m. Lutsk.

Many military service members emphasize that the army reform should be more profound. First of all, we are talking about the attitude to the staff.

- There are several reasons for this action. One of them is a bad attitude to the military. We are against the facade of reform in the army. The command does not value the staff. They don’t care if a person leaves or not. What a combat experience he has. They have the usual excuse-always find a new person. It is the Soviet approach to managing teams, it is not suitable in time of war, – said one of the Marines active in the comments to InfoResist. He also noted that this is not a one-time action and does not apply to berets, it is a complex problem.

And how to comment on the incident themselves Navy of Ukraine?

- On may 23 in Nikolaev the ceremony of change of a uniform for Marines with participation of the President of Ukraine took place. There is a corresponding order, obligatory for execution. One of the elements is the change of black beret to a new one – the color of the sea wave. Some of the Marines refused to change their berets. Among them, the majority have already been dismissed. This is their personal position. But the vast majority of the Marines were wearing the new berets – said the head of the press center of the Navy of Ukraine Oleg Chalyk.

While the Ukrainian military is seeking changes in conditions of service, let’s look at the attitude to the military around the world. So in the US military forces are considered a major employer, to get a contract, which is not so easy. After all, they provide a social package and a decent salary. The minimum salary of the us military is $ 1500. For comparison, the minimum salary of the Ukrainian army is 7000 UAH, which is slightly more than $ 260.

So, is this difficult for Ukraine time, the main issue is to change the form of military?

Everyone is able to stay informed, because warned, then-armed!

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