Why is Ukrainian borscht not affordable for Ukrainians?

Why is Ukrainian borscht not affordable for Ukrainians?

We only dream of falling prices. The cost of products is growing, like by leaps and bounds. Prices for vegetables and fruits, meat and bread are rising. So in 2018 compared to 2017, fruits rose in price by 39%, and eggs by 27%! And this is not the limit.

Prices for products of the social basket are inflated every day. Price tags for meat soared in all positions, except for chicken meat. The cost of pork increased by 7.76%, beef by 11.38%, and sausage by 17.44%. At the same time, vegetables do not lag behind – potatoes have risen in price by 43%, beets by 53.6%, onions by 20.4%. Prices for bread, rice, cheese, butter and sour cream also rose.

However, what is the reason for the price increase? This question was answered by the president of the Ukrainian Analytical Center Alexander Okhrimenko.

- After a number of reforms, we received imported mineral fertilizers. As a result, mineral fertilizers have become not just expensive – gold. For comparison – ammonium nitrate has risen in price by 10 times. A kilogram of saltpeter is 24 grivnas, and if you need a ton, and if 5 tons, 10 tons? The second problem is diesel fuel. Agrarians raised the price of grain to buy diesel at a new price. As a result, we received expensive feeds. After all, in 2017, compared to 2016, the purchase price increased by 33%, “explained Mr. Okhrimenko.

In fairness, it should be noted that there are positions that have fallen in price, namely: sugar has fallen in price by 1%, bacon by 3%, chicken by 4.4%, buckwheat by 8.2%, and pasta by 3.4% .

- Borscht – it’s good, but what has significantly increased its cost – it spoils the appetite. In April, the cost of borsch grew almost 8%, or 6.2 UAH. for the pan. Among all the products that were most expensive last month, there were a lot of borscht ingredients, – said on his Facebook page the director of the Ukrainian Association of Trade Network Suppliers Alexei Doroshenko.

So how many Ukrainians spend on food from their incomes? In the village – 53% of the amount of monthly earnings, and in the city – 49%. And, how much money for provisions goes to foreign countries? For example, in America, a citizen spends 6.5% of his income on food, almost 9% in Britain, 11% in Germany, 14% in Italy, 22% in Turkey, and more than 25% in China.

The earnings of Ukrainians do not keep pace with rising prices. Food is becoming more expensive, products such as meat and fish – have long become a luxury. Of course, the government is the direct regulator of the rise in price of provisions. First of all, by supporting the agricultural complex.

Everyone is able to remain in the course of events, expressing his own point of view on what is happening.

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