Who is the middle class and is it even in Ukraine?

Who is the middle class and is it even in Ukraine?

The middle class all over the world is a support and support of the economy, a basis for replenishment of the budget and a weighty lever of influence on the power. The middle class is guided by the legislative base, it is supported, because otherwise the state expects collapse. So who is the middle class and is it in Ukraine?

- The restoration of the middle class is not only the interest of people who belong to this social group. The more powerful it is, the richer the society, the more successful and initiative people, the more stable democracy, the stronger the country, -Petro Poroshenko said.


Petro Poroshenko

In the world there is no single concept of the middle class, but there are common features. The so-called” bourgeois ” are distinguished by wealth, influence in society and education. The profit of such a layer of the population is several times higher than the minimum income, but lower than the earnings of oligarchs.

Is there a middle class in Ukraine in its classical sense? Hardly typed 5% and this figure has not changed for a long time, while in Poland, Taiwan, France, India, Australia, India, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Britain the number of bourgeois is constantly growing. Why? And, the fact that there is actively conducted their support, in particular in the industry.

- Our middle class is not allowed to become worthy by world standards, first of all, economic conditions. The middle class is a small and medium business, it is necessary to support it, and we have all the years of independence, the state support received only large business, the oligarchy, – said the Director of the sociological service of the center Razumkov Andrey Bychenko.


the Director of the sociological service of the center Razumkov Andrey Bychenko

Yes, what kind of middle class in Ukraine can we talk about if the UN estimates the poverty level of Ukrainians in 2017 was 60%?! At the same time, many Ukrainians according to different social groups.research ranks itself as a middle class. According to citizens, if the clothes enough, but also have the opportunity to buy nicomaque appliances, then you have the middle class. Alas, this is not so.

Low standards of Ukrainians themselves and the situation in the country as a whole make it clear that the Ukrainian middle class must be calculated by other standards. Research of the Razumkov Centre to the “conventional” middle class include 25% of the population. Again, this understanding is indeed very conditional.

On what parameters searched Ukrainian “bourgeois”? The income of such a citizen should be from two minimum wages per month, have their own housing (house or apartment), a car, an education not lower than the average special and the possibility of annual rest in Ukraine or abroad.


What’s he like, a real middle class in the world? According to the Swiss international financial group CreditSuisse, to get into the category of bourgeois in Switzerland, you need to earn $ 73,000 in the US – $50,000 in China and Brazil – $28,000 in Poland about $25,000 in Russia and Thailand – $18,000 in India $13 700. In Ukraine, according to the same experts, the income should be $11 250.

Only the growth and development of the middle class will be able to adjust the economic situation in the country. And, therefore, we need real support for small and medium-sized businesses that represent it. And, this is the creation of a microclimate for the development of entrepreneurship, and real tax and judicial reforms and much more.

Everyone is able to take an active position in society. After all, this is one of the hallmarks of the bourgeoisie. And constant development and progress will be able to bring closer to the desired result.

Julia Gutshabes

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