Who is against the prosperity of the planet or the struggle for the life of each person! (VIDEO)

Who is against the prosperity of the planet or the struggle for the life of each person! (VIDEO)

Every day a person is faced with a huge array of imposing information. Advertising, media and even the educational system aimed at the suppression of alternative thought and the subordination of the ruling elite. Every minute people make a choice – from normal household little things to vital questions. However, this freedom of choice and thought is imaginary, it makes a person to think as it is beneficial to persons in power!

Everyone is able to break away from the gray controlled mass and look at the world from another incredible and at the same time absolutely realistic point of view! Utopia or reality? Of course, it’s everyone has to decide on his own. However, everyone is able to find out why today the mankind, with all the resources and prerequisites for prosperity, is on the destructive path.

Why have many scientists and their research on the development of free and endless energy sources sunk the incidence? Why does corporate banking system create money out of thin air, earning billions, and ordinary people are forced to the end of the day to work on repayment of loans and credits?

Everyone is able to understand that humanity is, in fact, depends on a dozen corporations who control money and energy, they control all spheres of life and even the birth rate of people! Everyone is able to confront the situation! Yes, everyone! Everyone is able to find out information from multiple sources! Everyone is able to speak for peace, based on honesty, freedom and prosperity!

Everyone is able to learn many ways of struggle for the planet and man, watching video, which combines many alternative points of view! And, everyone is able to think, if this alternative is so improbable as it seems at first glance, why is it carefully hidden?

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