Which Ukrainians will be left without medical care?

Which Ukrainians will be left without medical care?

Billions of hryvnias allocated for the development of rural medicine will go not only to the high-speed Internet, as stated by the Ukrainian guarantor. The order of formation of networks of rendering primary medical care was created. Now everyone can see whether their locality is among the privileged with the provision of medical services or not.

Now the treatment of patients is subordinated to the typology, which divides the area in terms of accessibility and the number of population. Despite the fact that a third of Ukrainians live in rural areas, full-fledged primary health care centers will receive citizens, settlements, where there will be 15,000 people. Such an institution will be served by at least 7 doctors with Junior staff from nurses. Also here laboratory researches will be carried out.

Group practice dispensaries are planned to be located in villages and townships with a population of 3,000 or more. There will also serve citizens on a permanent basis, but doctors here should be at least two. The survey Toolkit should be at the same level as the primary centre.

In the territory of villages where about 1500 citizens live, out-patient clinics of mono-practice are planned. There should be one doctor and Junior staff. In case the doctor gets sick or goes to the courses, there will be no one to replace him. The decree veiled, said-the availability of medical care may decrease.

In areas where there are between 750 citizens, with the regularity of medical care to the less fortunate. Here it is planned to create health points, where at least twice a week will be taken by a doctor and/or paramedic/nurse. Oh, and the periphery, where less altogether 750 persons entitled to such a minimum.

The medical care must be on-site availability within 7 km. Some of the community can make decisions to create the clinic/health point or carry citizens in a nearby town. If the latter is cheaper than maintaining a medical facility, there will be allocated funds for transport. However, for citizens such “journey” to the neighboring village won’t be free. Trips must be made at least 4 times a day and the fare will be determined by the local authority. With such success it is possible to save all, why bother to create medical items? After all without them cheaper!

At the end of each column, describing the network of “primary groups” is marked “with the expectation of five years.” That is, all these innovations will be introduced at best during the five-year period? If introduced, of course, although sparsely populated villages still remain idle.

International experience shows that where the number of doctors per capita is higher and people have the opportunity to see a doctor more often, the lower the mortality. Because a lot of people don’t die from a serious and incurable diseases, and from diseases, death, which can be avoided. The most striking example of the quality of health care and life in General is life expectancy.

Authoritative medical publication “The Lancet”, conducted a study in this regard. So in the top ten countries for life expectancy, included the following States: Andorra was in the first place, and then in descending order Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg closes the top ten and only in the second ten are Japan, Germany and France, the United States took 35th place. A total of 195 countries participated in the study. Ukraine in this rating ranked only 53rd place, below on the list are third world countries.

The figures speak for themselves, and everyone knows about the level of medical care in Ukraine firsthand. Everyone is able to change the situation for the better, without remaining indifferent to what is happening and expressing their point of view!

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