What will save the Ukrainian industry?

What will save the Ukrainian industry?

The basis of the Ukrainian economy is industry, agriculture and services. At the same time, it is no secret that production in Ukraine is in decline. Why? There are a number of objective reasons that we can influence today!

American magazine U.S. News & World Report published the rating of countries. In fact, this is a sociological study, which was attended by 21 thousand people from 36 countries. The people of the country were evaluated on 9 criteria. In total 80 powers among which Ukraine took the 69th place got to the list. It was particularly significant that for such determining factors as the overall standard of living Ukraine was on the 72nd step, and on the openness of business and even on the 75th.


The Director General of the Kherson shipbuilding plant Vasily Fedin

- Production fell 8 times in 4 years. It was $ 92 million, and last year $12 million Despite the Association with the EU European customers left Ukraine. Ukraine today is turning into a graveyard of factories. This is the result of the work of the Ministry, – said the General Director of the Kherson shipyard Vasily Fedin.

All this is happening, while officials promise to create greenhouse conditions for Ukrainian business.

Our priority is to improve living conditions, but this is possible in the conditions of economic and business development, – Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman proclaims.

The cornerstone of business support and development in any state is taxation. In developed countries, if a new plant is being built, which means that there are jobs, the government always gives maximum benefits. In Ukraine, taxes are off every year.

This is not the only reason for the decline in production. To revive the industry today is possible only with the help of loans, where without them. However, banks are not interested in this and do not want or can not support such large industries as machine – building or shipbuilding.

Five years ago, we could borrow $50 million Today, banks say – the shipbuilding and engineering are not in our priority. We do not credit engineering in General. The only Bank is ready to give us $2.5 million, – says Vasily Fedin.


What provoked this? First of all, the fall of the Ukrainian banking system. Since 2014, the number of banks has been halved from 180 to 92 financial institutions. The former Chairman of the national Bank Valery Gontareva puts himself as an achievement “cleaning of the banking system”. However, this “purification” has led to the loss of depositors 550 billion! As a result – the loss of confidence in the banking system and jobs 106 thousand people! That’s merit, that’s merit!

How to change the situation? Take advantage of international experience, so as not to have to reinvent the wheel! First, it is planning the economic growth of the state in certain sectors with specific deadlines, rather than vague phrases that everything will be fine. Second, support for basic industries and, finally, the burden of taxes, which the state must share with the entrepreneur. And, as real domestic support not in words, but at the legislative level, a series of “buy Ukrainian”.

Ukraine is a strong state with huge potential, both technical and human resources. Everyone is able to achieve the development of the state through their own efforts – conscientious work and their active position in society.

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