What will raise the price in 2018? (VIDEO)

The financial position of the Ukrainians is not getting any better, but the prices grow, by leaps and bounds. This year thanks to the surprise from the national Commission (the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities) and the Cabinet will increase electricity prices for non-domestic consumers.

Now Ukrainians can wait for the rise in prices for almost everything. This food, clothing, and any services. So for entrepreneurs, the price of energy will increase from January 1 to 9.5% and from April 1 to 6.5%. Accordingly, if entrepreneurs put in such a strict framework, they are forced to increase the value of their goods, and the low solvency of the Ukrainian speaks for itself. It turns out that the producers of the same food products will have to reduce their costs. Outputs there are only two – to cut jobs and salaries to their employees or reduce the quality of the products and to get cheaper prices.

So, which side do not see the Ukrainians lose. And then who will benefit from such tariff increases? The answer is obvious. One gets the impression that the Ukrainian government lives in an alternate reality, which is far from ordinary Ukrainians. It would seem that we choose our rulers from the people, but how to choose? back off? Here is how choose and whom, then and get in a result. So it will be until each of the Ukrainians does not realize that the scenario of the country’s development we write ourselves, which means that we shoot a movie called “life” and everyone can turn this picture into a masterpiece!

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