What can Ukrainians expect from the law “on education”?

What can Ukrainians expect from the law “on education”?

In September 2017, The “law on education” was adopted, the implementation of which just begins in 2018/19 academic year. This year begins 12-year education, changing the rules of certification of teachers, and the headmaster will be appointed for a six-year term.

Education will be divided into three stages – primary school for four years, basic secondary education for five years and specialized secondary education for three years. The law cancels the competition for admission of first-graders, but to go to high school student will have to try.

- In primary school enrollment of children on competitive principles is forbidden, but in high profile school-will be carried out on the basis of annual assessment of results of their study and the state final certification, – it is reported on the website of the Ministry of education.


Training for 12-year program for primary school begins on September 1, 2018, for basic secondary from September 1, 2022 and for specialized secondary from September 1, 2027. School reform will be completed in 2030.

The new school requires retraining of teachers, so the Ministry of education and science plans to send 22,000 teachers for training. From the budget for this purpose allocate 386,6 million hryvnias.

- The creation of a new standard of primary education – it was a difficult step, which involved rethinking and applying new approaches. We had to break out of the Procrustean bed only exclusively knowledge. And I think we succeeded. In the future, perhaps, there will be comments to the standard, because we are all growing, changing, but the document that exists today-it is really innovative and it inspires, – said the Minister of education Lilia Grinevich.


The Minister of education Lilia Grinevich

The government allocated 1 billion hryvnias for the purchase of furniture and mobile equipment for the first classes. However, there is a significant underfunding of education. According to experts of the Association of cities of Ukraine, who studied 251 communities, underfunding in cities of regional importance this year amounted to more than 4.4 billion. In General, 76% of territorial communities in Ukraine have a deficit of funds by 30% -55%.

If such a lack of funding in the cities, the villages and not to talk. Hence the reluctance of the young teaching staff to go to the remote place and, accordingly, the outflow of residents sat in megacities. After all, everyone understands that education is the Foundation by which you can build your future.

In some publications of Ukraine leaked information that teachers will take away a premium for the prestige of teacher education. Against this background, an increase in salary will not ultimately lead to an increase in teachers ‘ earnings in General. Therefore, the journalists of the newspaper “Skin cromogen” filed in mon for an explanation. Reporters were assured that the allowances will not only leave, but also planned to increase.

– Also on Sasan Uryadov 11 January Bulo prineto holds about zrostannya boundary rozmiru allowances for prescient Pratsi. The head teachers of the document minimalny porig allowances s 1% zroste to 5%, and the maximum – s 20% to 30% – referred to the PSSS-service of the Ministry on the official website of the Ministry.


How will reality be like? Time will show, because a significant deficit in the budget of the education sector can affect both the quality of training and the salary Fund. Public participation at all stages of law review and reform may not change everything overnight, but it will help to make positive changes! Everyone is able not to remain indifferent to what is happening in the state!

Julia Gutshabes

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