“Warm loans” -2018 are no longer available to ordinary citizens?

“Warm loans” -2018 are no longer available to ordinary citizens?

Since 2014, Ukraine has a state program of energy efficiency or so-called”warm loans”. Citizens receive partial compensation of funds spent on the insulation of the home. And, namely – plastic Windows, boilers, etc only this year, the Cabinet approved new rules for obtaining compensation, according to which the tenants of apartment buildings now will not receive a refund.

- Since the launch of the state program in 2014, more than 400 thousand Ukrainian families have already used it for energy modernization of their homes. All of them, after carrying out the necessary work, have already partially returned their invested funds at the expense of the state program “warm loans”, at the expense of local programs and thanks to their own savings. During the program, residents of Ukraine have invested in the insulation of housing about 6 billion hryvnia. The government, in turn, reimbursed the population and associations of co — owners of apartment buildings about 2 billion hryvnia, – said the Chairman of the state Agency for energy efficiency and energy saving Sergey Savchuk.


The Chairman of the state Agency for energy efficiency and energy saving Sergey Savchuk

According to the previous program, the state reimbursed the Ukrainians who spent money on the purchase of new equipment or insulation of housing from 20% to 70% of the total cost. The same compensation of warm loans is 20% of the loan amount (but not more than 12 000 UAH) for the population that changes gas boilers. 35%(but not more than 14 000 UAH) of the expenses reimbursed to those who spend on energy-efficient equipment or materials for physical persons. 40% of the loan (but not more than 14 000 apartments) to compensate for condominiums and housing cooperatives that purchased energy efficient equipment and materials.

However, now, residents of apartment buildings will not be able to use the “warm credit”, but only the entire composition of the condominiums.

- The resolution on change of the order of action of the program was developed in order that separate apartments didn’t take the credits for dot warming any more, – the member of Board of the State Agency for energy saving and energy efficiency Maria Yakovleva declared.

According to the government, spot insulation is ineffective, because much more can be saved on energy consumption in the winter, if the whole houses are insulated. At the same time, those who have taken “warm loans” before the innovation will receive their compensation to the extent that they should.

The European Bank for reconstruction and development with the support of the European Union has developed the IQ energy program, according to which Ukrainians can receive a grant of up to 3,000 euros for energy-efficient equipment. To do this, it is necessary to order high-quality equipment according to European standards from the proposed catalog, take a loan from partner banks participating in the action. Then, within 2-3 weeks, a person can get compensation.


On the one hand, the program of “warm loans” the opportunity for citizens to somehow reimburse their costs for new boilers or Windows, on the other hand, the innovation that does not allow Ukrainians to receive point compensation, limits the ability of the population. Of course, it is more effective to insulate the whole house, but will not this be a stumbling block?! Everyone is able to stay in the loop, because forewarned is forearmed!

Julia Gutshabes

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