VNO 2018: 100 000 graduates failed!

VNO 2018: 100 000 graduates failed!

Since June 2, the entrance campaign begins, and applicants will begin to storm the Universities, which should become their Alma-mother. Alas, for thousands of yesterday’s graduates entrance to higher education institutions is ordered for the whole year. The reason for this failure on the external independent evaluation (EIT). 

To obtain the certificate of external testing it was necessary to pass the threshold of a certain number of points for each subject. So from the maximum 200 points that are given on the subject of the Ukrainian language and literature had to score 23 points in mathematics – 10 points in foreign languages – 19 points, biology – 22 points, history of Ukraine – 26 points, geography – 26 points, physics – 12 points and chemistry – 15 points.

Ukrainian language and literature did not pass 14.5%, which is almost 47 thousand graduates, the history of Ukraine failed 14%, which is equal to almost 23 thousand students in mathematics did not receive a certificate of 18.6%, and it is almost 20 thousand teenagers and English passed 13% of examinees, and it is almost 11 thousand people.

According to Vadim Karande, Director of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment, the number of those who have not passed the EIT, this year has almost doubled due to the fact that the certificates receive the graduates of the schools. Whatever it was, but the level of knowledge of young Ukrainians is poor and there is already absolutely not important – whether it is graduate Professor of the College or school. Those who do not agree with the result will be able to appeal, where the estimates will be revised.


– Siogo mi maєmo 1300 apelaci on today. TSE results for Persol Guillou, – poyasnyu Vadim Carangi.

In General, the main task of EIT is to reduce the number of corruption schemes, both in schools and in Universities. On the other hand, the EIT is designed to simplify the task for graduates themselves. After all, future students do not have to take exams twice – for a certificate and for admission to a higher education institution. However, many notice that the tasks of EIT are prohibitively difficult not only for the graduates themselves, but also sometimes for teachers.

– Our challenge – vdbr to join at the BIS for a rating. Mi viznacheno absolute Runa knowledge and lachey vcasmo at the meeting place of Chi nsogo of stopnica have rating quiet, hto skladov of ZNO. Yakscho we will promovate test, so Nizovtsev requirements to Runa vikladannya. Testof the challenge toil Buti spumoni s real runem knowledge vipusknik school, – pdreli Director of the Ukrayinsky center ocenuvanje quality oswt.


And what will the international experience of assessing future students tell us? For example, in Italy there is the so-called” academic freedom”, where everyone can enter Universities, if they meet the conditions of admission. Applicants must pass two written and one oral exams. And, in Germany, after graduation, you must pass four written or oral exams. In France, a diploma of secondary education entitles its holder to enter higher education without additional examinations. However, after graduating from the Lyceum, the French pass final exams.

Whatever it was, but almost 100,000 Ukrainian graduates have not passed the EIT. What is the reason for the failure of so many students? In complex tasks of external independent evaluation or lack of knowledge? Of course, such a deplorable picture is influenced by both factors. And, after all, education is the Foundation on which a prosperous state is built. Everyone is able to take an active part in the training of the younger generation, because the future of each of us depends on it.

Julia Gutshabes

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