Understanding or what language of love tell it is you?!

Understanding or what language of love tell it is you?!

Love is like a breath of fresh air, as life in unusually bright colors and halftones, as a particularly acute perception of the world and inspiration for new challenges. However, as not to miss all the charm of the relationship between a man and a woman? As not to allow the home to absorb the sublime that comes with the arrival of tender feelings? How to create strong relationship and family?


For these and many other questions, learned responses, the participants of the master class “Me and my relationship. The art of being together”, which took place in the framework of the free education programme of all-Ukrainian society “Everyone is able” together with partners from the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of psychology. Anastasia Korsun – leading mini-trainings, spoke about the existence of the languages of love that will surely help to gain understanding and harmony in relationships. Anastasia was able to give a cheerful and warm atmosphere.

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Not only in theory but also in practice to understand the nature of a happy relationship could have been due to perform a variety of exercises.

So, everyone is able to enhance its relationship with the opposite sex. Everyone is able to build a smart course of action, which will lay a solid Foundation for a happy family life!


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