Under the nose of the people of Kiev will build a new “Chernobyl”? (VIDEO)

Literally in 100 kilometers from Kiev, in the Chernobyl exclusion zone began to build a burial ground for nuclear waste. The question arises at once: “Why?”. Aggravate the already difficult environmental situation? As it turned out, this is done to save. That is, first $1.5 billion will be spent, then to save those $150-200 million that are spent annually on the processing of nuclear waste in Russia.

In fairness, it should be noted that the funds will not go from the state budget, but from the operator of the nuclear power plant of Ukraine “Energoatom”. Of course, corruption schemes in this case should not be ruled out. After all, the cost of construction of the warehouse changed with non-accidental regularity. The government formed a figure of 170 million in 2004, then in 2010 already $350 million, and now almost $1.5 billion.

Ukrainian ecologists scored in Nabat, because the construction was deployed too close to the settlements. Of course, waste storage facilities exist all over the world. However, they are located far from the cities. For example, France built a “nuclear dump” on the Islands of the Pacific ocean, the United States – in the desert, Russia – in Siberia, and the Nordic countries in basalt rocks on the sea coast.

And most importantly, has anyone heard anything about the plans of such a building? And, maybe someone saw information in the Ukrainian mass media? Or such a fact is not worth the attention of the media? Although such an intention should be submitted to the public, as required by the Statute of the international atomic energy Agency.

On the other hand, what is the attitude of the government towards its own people, if people are simply put before the fact. This attitude is weakly similar to the democratic system, but very similar to the dictate. But power is a reflection of the people, who allow themselves to treat themselves like this. After all, everyone is able to make informed choices and carefully make decisions when choosing the highest leadership of the country! (Materials vesti-ukr.com)

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