Ukrainians expect a rise in fares again?

Ukrainians expect a rise in fares again?

Salaries of Ukrainians can not keep up with rising prices. The mayor of Kiev supposes the city residents another rise in prices, this time on the fare. In the capital, the same participation can be grasped by other regions of Ukraine.

In December, last year, in Kiev, they were going to increase the price of travel on minibuses to 9 UAH, today Vitali Klitschko says about the acute need to raise prices to 8 hryvnia, and, as in shuttles, and trolleybuses, trams and subway. Only recently, in Kiev and in other cities of the country, a trip by taxi has increased to 7 hryvnia and again rising in price?

- Our task is not to make a profit, our task is to do everything to ensure that the transport infrastructure continues to function. And, alas, unfortunately, we are forced to raise the price for travel, – stressed Vitaly Klitschko.

The situation in other regions is not better, but the capital always sets the pace. So in Lviv, since April, travel in trams and trolleybuses went up by 5 UAH, and students and schoolchildren now pay 2, 50 UAH. In Kharkov the price has risen both on underground and on overland transport. The ticket to the metro now costs 5 UAH, and the electric transport costs 4 UAH. And, in the Dnieper, the rise in price has touched the taxi and citizens are paid for 7 UAH.

And, is it necessary to raise fares? After all, in order to pass a verdict on increasing the cost, it is necessary to gather a lot of data. According to expert in the infrastructure industry Dmitry Bespalov, in the World Bank report in 2015, the cost of travel was 2, 88 UAH. Of course, prices have changed since then, but are they really so?

- There is no 100% account of the passengers carried – there is no fair calculation of the fare. Prices are rising, passenger traffic is shadowed, and service quality is not improving. So far, there will be no electronic travel records, transparent contests, any increase in cost is in question. I do not think that tariffs will really grow sharply: rather, prices will increase gradually. Now all will depend on how much citizens will be ready to tolerate such a ratio of price and quality, – says Vladimir Naumov, chairman of the center of reform of the transport infrastructure.

In general, the need to raise prices is explained by the low wages of electric car drivers. However, the authorities do not take into account the fact that in the same European countries the replenishment of the transport budget is carried out through state subsidies, and not at the expense of ordinary citizens. If in Ukraine the tram driver earns 3000 hryvnias, then in the same Germany, for example, there are also 3000, only the Jew.

Certainly – the price increase is not a pleasant process for citizens. However, one thing is, when it’s really a compulsory measure, and quite another, when it’s a craze for it and a reluctance to look for other ways to solve the problem. Whatever it is, everyone is able to uphold his right to fair pricing and express his opinion in the event of disagreement.

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