Ukrainian corruption shocked German journalists!

Ukrainian corruption shocked German journalists!

Bad fame of corruption at the Ukrainian customs has come to Germany. German journalists conducted an investigation, according to which Ukraine annually loses 4.8 billion euros due to smuggling! Just think about this figure! The amount of lost funds is twice the amount that Ukraine wants to get a loan from the IMF, the European Union and the world Bank!

The German edition of The süddeutsche Zeitung received access to customs and transport invoices, on the basis of which the correspondents made disappointing conclusions. The publication notes that 520 customs authorities are corrupt in Ukraine. Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, in an interview with the German edition said that the country loses 30% -40% of the budget at customs.


German journalists found out that the most common scheme at the Ukrainian customs is the fixation of a completely different product. So there was a case when one Kiev firm owned the container in which according to the consignment note there were 26 tons of import zippers. Having got on the Odessa customs, contents of the container turned into needles for sewing, laces and other. And, the thing is that such goods are subject to less tax. From may 26 to June 7, the company issued 17 such containers at customs. Only in this case the budget received less than 150 000 dollars. In that time, one day at the Odessa customs issued the order of thousands of such containers.

In such illegal schemes involved not only customs. The police, border guards, fiscal, SBU and the Prosecutor General’s office are involved in bribery. According to the German newspaper, for frauds fictitious enterprises are created, which are managed by the highest composition of the Prosecutor General’s office, the SBU and customs.

- Most of all profit customs and SBU: as a rule, at the end of the month they receive a fee for each container imported into the country under the corruption scheme, – emphasizes the Odessa informant “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

So how is the Prime Minister going to fight illegal transactions, involving services that are dishonest? Besides, the Prime Minister is threatening to fraudsters security measures and the involvement of the Ukrainian army. However, will this change the situation or simply add another participant in criminal schemes?

- Not long to wait for that day when I will address to Armed forces of Ukraine to carry out somewhere nearby doctrines. I can’t stand it, – Vladimir Groysman declares.

Will the return of criminal liability for corruption schemes at the customs scare the schemers? Hardly. After all, this practice has already been, but mass conclusions of smugglers in places not so remote was not followed. Why? Yes, because ” fish rots from the head “and while the question of corruption schemes won’t be resolved in offices of high ranks,” on places ” the situation will remain the same.


The head of the Committee of economists of Ukraine Andriy Novak

- The problem is in the political will, and not only in customs. According to various estimates, but not less than 45% of Ukraine’s economy is in the shadows. The three main areas of this shadow are offshore schemes, corruption in tax and corruption at customs, – explains the head of the Committee of economists of Ukraine Andriy Novak.

According to the economist with the technical base, which is now, to stop smuggling from a technical point of view is not difficult.

The customs structure is the reputation of the state, which in Ukraine, alas, is not just stained, but covered with corruption. The criminal actions of this have grown to such a scale that even the us state Agency USAID, which allocates funds to fight smuggling and bribery at the Ukrainian customs, refused to cooperate with Ukraine in this direction.

Journalists of the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” report that Ukraine remains the second state after Russia among the most corrupt countries in Europe.


The tentacles of the octopus of corruption is strangling Ukraine, not allowing the country to develop and prosper. The criminal actions of the officials of their billions of dollars in bribes to Ukrainian government lead to the inevitable collapse! The attention of the public, the fight against corruption in the higher echelons of power, that will change things for the better. Everyone can not stay away from what is happening, because it concerns all of us!

Julia Gutshabes

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