Ukraine is in the top 40 best countries for education

Ukraine is in the top 40 best countries for education

Ukraine took 40th place in the Ranking of countries in terms of education. The study was conducted under the United Nations development programme (UNDP). The state also took 42nd place in the efficiency of national education systems according to the British company Pearson.

Since 1980, UNDP has been figuring out the education index among 188 countries, making up the world ranking as a result. The study is conducted at intervals of several years. The final data of the last experiment were published in 2016. As a result, the General index of human development is made from the calculations.

The index measures the achievements of citizens on the basis of their level of education according to two criteria: the adult literacy index (2/3) and the index of the total number of students in primary, secondary and higher education (1/3). The final result is an index where the minimum value is 0 and the maximum is 1. It is believed that developed countries should have a figure of at least 0.8. However, the index does not take into account the quality of education and its accessibility.

Ukraine received an estimate of 0.803 and, accordingly, 40th place. The best index in the ranking of the world’s countries in terms of education was Australia (0.939). Denmark, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom also entered the top ten. The worst indicators were in the Niger (0,206), as in the last ten included Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali and Guinea.

And, here is the rating of the effectiveness of national education systems, which started in 2012, demonstrates the achievements of the country in the field of education. The research is conducted by the international company Pearson, which works in the field of education and publishing.


The index is determined by two groups of indicators: cognitive skills, including international research of reading and understanding of the text, the quality of mathematical and natural science education and evaluation of educational achievements of students. The second indicator is the level of education, which includes the literacy index of the population and the total number of students receiving secondary and higher education. The index is summed up, making an international rating of 50 countries.

The leader of the efficiency of education is the United States with a rating of 100, the top 10 also includes Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Singapore, Canada and Australia. Ukraine got in the top ten with Mexico, Thailand, Bulgaria, India and Indonesia closes the chart.

In the world ranking “the Best countries for education”, which is the magazine US News & World Report, Ukraine took 38 place among the 80 participating countries and 54 in the “Best countries for the education of children.”

All these studies once again prove the great importance of education in the prosperity of the state. Everyone is able to develop, gain new knowledge and pass it on to the younger generation. After all, each of us wants a secure and happy future for themselves and their children!

Julia Gutshabash

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