Ukraine in the top 10 worst countries for pensioners

Ukraine in the top 10 worst countries for pensioners

The American edition of US News and Wharton business school and BAV Group formed the rating of”the Best countries for a comfortable pension”. Traditionally estimated 80 countries have been surveyed 21 thousand on 65 criteria. Alas, in the ranking of the best Ukraine got in the top 10 worst, taking 72 place.

The most successful in social terms is New Zealand, the country leads the list for the second year in a row.  The three also included Switzerland and Australia.  Poland was on the step 32 “the hit parade”, the Czech Republic took the 37th place, Turkey – 46-e, Romania – 50. Belarus has overtaken Ukraine, finishing in 66th position. Our country is followed by the African Algeria, and the last place was taken by Iran, also in the top of the worst included Russia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Now let’s compare the payments for the elderly people of different countries. Let’s start with a bit. The minimum pension in Ukraine is 1452 UAH. The average pension depending on the region is equal to 2 501-3 332 UAH.


Social policy Minister Andriy Reva

– This year in connection with the growth of the subsistence minimum ceiling of pension maximum increased from 10 to 13 740 UAH 800 UAH, said social policy Minister Andriy Reva.

The majority of Ukrainian pensioners receive pensions not exceeding the maximum size. But there is a separate caste, whose pensions are always at a height and even more than the permissible norms. Such specialists as prosecutors, judges and, of course, deputies lead in pension payments. In 2017, the pension of the people’s Deputy was a little more than 15 thousand UAH, judges – 23, 7 thousand UAH, and prosecutors-9,9 thousand UAH. Pensions of scientific and technical workers make 3, 72 thousand UAH., and Chernobyl 3, 54 thousand UAH.

And, at this time, the pension payment for a simple pole is $460, which is less than in other European countries, but in fact the prices in Poland are much lower. Working for such a pension in Poland requires 20 years for men and 19 years for women and give 19.5% of the salary. The retirement age is 65 for men and 60 for women.

In the US, retire at 65, and the payment for the elderly is $1500, with the pension Fund must be replenished within 10 years, in the amount of 15% of income. The retirement age in France is 62 years, and the average pension is $1,050, deducting 16.5% of earnings per month. The more experience, the higher the pension. Contributions to the French helps make the employer.


So it turns out that the more developed the state, the lower the percentage of contributions from wages and higher the pension itself. Ukrainians have to give 22% of their income, retiring at 58 years for women and 60 for men, working 25 years to receive $65 (!), and in 2028 the production will reach 35 years.

The experience of developed countries is much less than in Ukraine and this is given the fact that the quality of life, the medical system and the economic situation there are many times better. The state itself, or rather the government, should take care of a decent pension, not a miserable existence. Providing a quality social system instead of squeezing all the juice out of the citizens. However, everyone is able not to stay away from such a pressing issue, because the source of power in Ukraine is the people!

Julia Gutshabes

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