Ukraine has the cheapest meat in the world!

Ukraine has the cheapest meat in the world!

According to the study of the British newspaper the National Provider, the cheapest poultry meat in Ukraine, beef and pork is also on the list of price leaders. However, some of the lowest salaries of Ukrainians do not allow them to feel the charm of meat pricing policy, so cutlets in Ukrainian homes appear much less often than in countries where meat is more expensive.

The field of activity of the publication the National Provider-agricultural topics. Media analyzed the April meat prices in 52 countries of national networks. So the cost of 1 kg of chicken breast in Ukraine averages $ 2.65, and a kilogram of chicken legs $1.9. Less than 3 dollars per kilogram paid by Chinese, Thai and Malaysian.

The most expensive meat in Switzerland, where a citizen for 1 kilogram of chicken has to fork out 27.14 dollars. In Sweden, the price is $14.28 per kilogram of poultry, and in Norway it is $13.69.

In Ukraine, low prices for veal, per kilogram of tenderloin Ukrainian average puts $3,20, a little more expensive in India – $4,73, as well as in Colombia – $5,28. But in Hong Kong a meat-eater will have to pay $20.83 for a kilogram of veal, in Norway $28.55 and, as always, the leader of the hit parade at the highest prices is Switzerland, where residents pay up to $49.68 for a kilogram of meat.

Pork in Ukraine is also one of the low-cost – $4.15, even cheaper to buy it in Poland – $3.29, Hungary – $3.37 and Vietnam – $ 3.90. Traditionally, the most expensive meat is in Switzerland and pork is no exception – $20.39.


Here, only the consumption of cheap meat, the Ukrainians have slipped down the rankings, being from 52 countries at the 44th place. A year, the Ukrainian eats 48.5 kg. Less than this figure only in Colombia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia and India. At the same time, the largest amount of meat per year per person is consumed in Australia, which is 111.5 kg. in the top five New Zealand, here for the year the citizen eats 106.4 kg, Austria-102 kg, Argentina-98.3 kg, as well as Spain with a figure of 98 kg. But in Switzerland with the highest price of meat, the population consumes 74.7 kg on average and the country occupies 27th place.

Of course, in Switzerland the most expensive meat, but to make it Swiss have to work 3 hours, while the Ukrainian should work almost 11 hours! So, despite the high price tags in developed countries, citizens work at times less to taste meat dishes. So in Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Norway and the UK citizens have to work less than two hours to see the meat wheel on the table. Most of all to eat a meat piece work in Indonesia-23.6 hours and in the UAE-22.1 hours. In India, too, the figure is large-22.8 hours, but here and the cow is a sacred animal.


I want to finish the article without unnecessary words, because the numbers speak for themselves. The lowest prices are only an illusion, because the salary Fund does not allow the Ukrainian to eat fully for a long time. Meat at many-an unacceptable luxury, and the majority of Ukrainian pensioners eat meat by-products at best.

Everyone is able to stay in the loop, because forewarned is forearmed.

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