The youngest head of Lviv region proved: lack of experience is not a problem if you want to develop! (VIDEO)

In Ukrainian villages there are the jobs? People do not go abroad to work and stay in their native village? Fiction? No, it’s a reality, a reality created by 22-year-old Chairman Oleg Karapinka. In two villages of the Lviv region-Galicia and Drozdovychi led by the youngest Chairman in Ukraine. The journalists of the newspaper “Skin cromogen” decided to communicate with the new President personally.

Strange way, when man works and works honestly, rural-urban divide revives. There are also places of work and living conditions. This vivid example literally screams to us that the influx of “young” blood and the desire to work for results can work wonders. To see real Affairs in the village, the city and the country as a whole, everyone is capable to approach consciously a question of a choice of the Chairman, the mayor and especially the President! Example with Oleg Carapinha direct proof!

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