The Ukrainian took the Grand Prix at the European Championship in Bilibino

The Ukrainian took the Grand Prix at the European Championship in Bilibino

Beauty and health is not a gift that fell from heaven, but the result of hard work. It was proved by 24-year-old fitness trainer Lilia Orekhova. The girl became the European champion in the version of WBPF bodybuilding 2018. The athlete was preparing for the event for six months!  The event was held in Slovakia.

Competitions in bodybuilding or bodybuilding began to be held in 1960. At the competition judges to this day appreciate the beauty and relief of muscle mass, as well as the proportionality of the forms of the contestant.

– I’m so happy. Tortured and happy. I had a difficult preparation for me, both physically and psychologically. I’m so glad that everything happened, how it happened. “I see the goal – I do not see the obstacle.” And there were many obstacles. Disappointments and nerves was even more . But it’s all offset by, –the girl noted in his microblog.


Fitness trainer Lilia Orekhova

In General, Ukrainians brought 42 gold medals from the Championship, among which two athletes became absolute Champions. In view of this, the Ukrainian team took first place among the 13 countries participating in the competition.

Shortly before the Championship Lily won in two categories at the tournament of Ukraine, which was attended by about five hundred men and women.

- The tournament was liked by the fact that the best athletes were gathered around. All the beautiful, award-winning, already the adrenaline was pumping. Pleasant excitement during the competition grew into gratitude after the award. Thanks for being in the right place. And this is your environment! Your second sports family-shared with their subscribers Lily Orekhova after the tournament in Ukraine.

Now Lily is intensively preparing for a new milestone – the world Championship, coming in the fall. The girl is not only a fitness coach who is engaged with their wards and motivates them to physical development, but also a healthy lifestyle in General, because Lily is a nutritionist. Also in the social network, the athlete shares the secrets of a beautiful physical form, stimulating subscribers to active actions to obtain the desired result.


Beauty, health and sport are three components of one whole. Everyone is able to lead a healthy lifestyle, because a prosperous state begins with a healthy society in all senses!

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