The old park in a new way or for which the Ukrainians laid out 84 million UAH?!

The old park in a new way or for which the Ukrainians laid out 84 million UAH?!

Cut down relict trees, cracked tiles and a dilapidated colonnade – in Krivoy Rog, the Gdantsivsky Park was reconstructed. People’s Deputy Konstantin Usov has mastered the state budget for 84 million hryvnia!

According to Krivorozhan, from the moment of improvement of the park, many trees have been cut and taken to an unknown direction. At the same time, the recreation area was improved by 65%. If the total amount is 84 million, then 65% is more than 50 million UAH. For comparison, the park on the other side of the reservoir was restored for 2 million UAH.

- For me, it is very important, but they did not put the budget for the project on their budget, – the People’s Deputy.

Well, of course, because the budget is limitless and these expenses do not come from the pocket of each of us. A week ago, following numerous complaints from residents, the mayor of Krivoy Rog initiated a check on the park. By a strange coincidence, the audit ended in nothing. A group of unknown people prevented inspections, and did not miss the commission to the territory of the park. All ended with police and ambulance.

And what about the media? The fourth power either did not react at all to the situation with the so-called reconstruction or illuminated what a wonderful and wonderful corner of the green zone was restored by the People’s Deputy.

While in Ukraine the relict trees in Europe are disappearing to cut down one “green friend” create whole commissions and constantly monitor the increase in “forest cover”.

And, in fact it only one case about which it became known thanks to not indifferent citizens. And, how many such situations in Ukraine? Only publicity can somehow affect the situation. Everyone is capable not to remain indifferent, because with the help of dissemination of information in social networks and honest media, even one in the field is a warrior

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