The court has the beginning, the court has no end (VIDEO)

A lot of people in Ukraine to solve their disputes in court. But such an intention may be delayed for months and even years. In such a situation, the participants of all-Ukrainian society “Everyone”, when they decided to defend their rights in court. What is the reason for the endless procrastination and who is to blame?

– Are we all wrong with the judicial system, red tape very much. Long time to wait for any answer – complains citizen M. Dnepr Alexey, who has already faced the courts.

In fact, many judges are just swamped to the eyeballs, but others may not be encumbered with litigation. After all, the first to suffer ordinary people who expect only the proceedings at least six months.

– Trial of the case along with the tape lasted 15 years. It is unthinkable – angry Svetlana, a Ukrainian woman knows firsthand how our judicial system.

What to say of the representatives of Themis, about procrastination and endless expectations?

In the First half of 2017 to “Babushkinsky district court in Dnipropetrovsk” has received Only 16 295 lawsuits, indictments and petitions, – says Yuri Lisenko, the judge-speaker of the Babushkinsky district court in Dnipropetrovsk. We have one judge somewhere in the 25000-30000 population. And, judges odinnadcat. It turns out that for each judge there is 1 481 treatment of citizens.

One gets the impression that Ukraine is a mess and a huge workload in the courts is a common practice, which had long been resigned. Hence, miscarriage of justice, because such a flow of applications inevitably leads to tragic consequences. So maybe not enough professional staff, so this is the situation?

– Problems with professional staff no. We have a huge number of qualified lawyers who work in businesses, lawyers, the lot. So to choose is from whom. But somehow, at the state level, this question is not solved, delayed, explains the judge.

So why is the government delaying the solution to the problem? Whether the officials is beneficial to leave the flawed judicial system? How to solve the existing problem?

– Reform is the workload. If the workload will be set at the legislative level, then it will be real reform – concludes Mr. Lisenko.

Each government is committed to reform of the judicial system. But the possibility is still there. Real solution to the problem is still there. And people try to solve again question yourself, because the state has abandoned its citizens to their fate. If you are faced with court proceedings, write about it in the newspaper “Kozhen spromozhen” and Express your opinion on the judicial system and future reform.

Julia Gutshabash

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