Swimmer Andrey Govorov: “water is a source of information and if you have good contact with it, It will help you!»

Swimmer Andrey Govorov: “water is a source of information and if you have good contact with it, It will help you!»

The student of DNU. O. Gonchara became the absolute champion at the international Mare Nostrum swimming tournament. Andriy Govorov won three gold in a series of competitions held in Slovenia, Podčetrtek, which took place on 23 and 24 July 2018.

Andrew has been swimming since the age of six, at this age he was brought to the sport mom.

 In fifth grade, I won the championship of the city of gadzhiyevo in ski racing, winning all of his peers on the three-kilometer distance. And when we arrived in the Moscow region, I was the captain of the team “Crystal” (Elektrostal), playing in the youth hockey League. If parents didn’t divorce because of constant father’s drinks, I could become the hockey player,-the athlete tells.

However, despite the predisposition of Andrew and other sports, the main thing in his life remained swimming. Today Dnipro athlete is a multiple champion and winner of the world and European Championships among juniors, multiple winner of the European Championships, two-time record holder of Europe among juniors at a distance of 50 m butterfly, six-time record holder of Ukraine at a distance of 50 m and 100 m freestyle and 50 m butterfly in short pools. At the Olympic games 2012 in London in the 50m freestyle semis.

While Andrew was always watching my health and grew up intelligent and well-adjusted boy who was able to stand up for themselves, but do not fall into bad history.


– I never smoked, didn’t drink, did nothing such that could do harm to me and my relatives, – Govorov tells.

The athlete graduated from the higher school of physical culture and sports. And, today gets higher education in the BOTTOM of it. O. Honchar. In school he always did well in school, it was easy for biology, mathematics and languages.

Serious achievements of the athlete began to appear from the moment he entered the school.

- We have a very productive Union. Because there is mutual understanding on the part of Konstantin Nikolaevich. And even if there are some conflicts, we solve everything very quickly. I am very pleased with the coach, – Andrey shares his impressions.

Water element for Andrew-the second habitat after the land, which is why the athlete with great trepidation and respect for water.

- In the water I try to feel every stroke. Water is a source of information on the planet, it is the strongest of forces because it gives life to everything. And if you have good contact with it, it will help you, – emphasizes Andrey.


In his free time from training and study, the athlete studies psychology, public speaking and a little programming. Andrey Govorov is the brightest example of a purposeful and successful Ukrainian who made his way through difficulties and obstacles to the desired victories! Everyone is able to develop, learn new things and achieve high results.

Julia Gutshabes

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