“Surprise” from the Ministry of coal: tightening of gas consumption

“Surprise” from the Ministry of coal: tightening of gas consumption

Another surprise for Ukrainians was prepared by the Ministry of energy, offering the government to increase gas consumption rates for the population. The draft provides for different rules depending on the time of year. However, which are more rigid framework can be discussed, if the debt for utilities of the citizens and without that big?

In the novation project it is said that 9.83 million (75.1%) of apartments have meters in the housing stock, while 3.3 million households are not equipped with them. According to the Ministry, it is necessary to raise the gas consumption rates for this category of citizens.

It is interesting that according to the Cabinet, the equipment of gas meters in the regions is different. The best indicators in the Cherkassy region, where 97, 6% of households are provided with meters, as well as Khmelnytsky – 93%, in Kiev – 97%, in the Vinnitsa region – 95%. In Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Kherson regions, this figure reached 90%. The worst feature of the Ternopil oblast – 15.5%, and in Luhansk – 25%, in Donetsk region the percent of equipment gas meters are also low.

- Household consumers of the apartment (household) which are not equipped with counters of natural gas will allow themselves not to consume rationally this type of energy carrier, namely heat premises by means of gas stoves and gas ovens. As a result of such actions, during the heating period of 2017/2018, the consumption of natural gas increased by 17%, – explain the innovation in the documents.

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Also in the project it is explained that the state and “Naftogaz” suffer losses because of the underestimated norms. According to the Ministry of energy 383 million cubic meters of gas Ukrainians consume for free. Therefore, these losses and want to shift to the shoulders of citizens, because ordinary Ukrainians much easier?! At the same time, as reported by the state statistics service, on may 1, 2018, the total debt for utilities from citizens is 33.96 billion UAH. Of this amount, the largest debts fall on gas – 14, 8 billion UAH. So what kind of changes are we talking about?

The norms will be divided into two periods – from April to September and from October to March. So for those who have a gas stove and hot water supply from April to September, the planned rate of 5.8 cubic meters per month per person, and in October-March – 8.8 cubic meters per person per month. If the household has a gas stove, but there is no hot water and gas water heater, from April to September, the rate will amount to 8.3 cubic meters per person per month. But from October to March 13, 7 cubic meters For those who have a gas stove, boiler rate for April-September is 20 cubic meters. for one person, and from October to March – 25 cubic meters per person per month.

At the same time, there are norms for the period of lack of hot water, which is 9.3 cubic meters per person from April to September and 14.2 cubic meters per person from October to March.

What is the situation with gas consumption and regulations in the EU? According to Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, Germany consumes 4 times less gas than Ukraine and Poland 3 times less. But such economy is provided to the countries by high energy efficiency of the European houses, unlike the Ukrainian. Heat losses in these countries are reduced and, accordingly, gas consumption rates are increased. So the German government has obliged the builders to create a house 25% “insulated” former.


Of course, energy efficiency and reducing gas consumption are huge savings for the state. But how should it happen? Exclusively at the expense of citizens who already barely pay for communal? It is necessary to look up to European countries, but if you do it, then do it all. If the norms are strengthened, at the same time the state should provide an opportunity for citizens to insulate their homes, improve the welfare of Ukrainians as a whole. Otherwise, the population will simply be driven into a dead end.

Everyone is able to stay up to date, analyzing what is happening and making the appropriate conclusions.

Julia Gutshabes

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