Sumy: the beauty of the Ukrainian lands, kindness Ukrainian hearts

Sumy: the beauty of the Ukrainian lands, kindness Ukrainian hearts

In the cities, towns and villages Sumy region, the participants of the all-Ukrainian society “Everyone can” have met if not with bread and salt, very warmly, with a genuine interest and positive attitude. In spite of that, the citizens adopted with enthusiasm the idea of self-education, culture and morality, which has a public organization.

Picturesque landscapes, smiling faces, a special flavor of Sumy region, all of this inexhaustible source of energy fed members of society “Every person”. Giving strength and confidence that the Ukrainian people, with his faith in the best, with its unique traditions and culture will necessarily change for the better their future and that of successive generations!


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Of course, it would be a deceit to say that everything was perfectly smooth and without folds. Heard in your address and thin the word was and misunderstanding. In the eyes of some read, “We no longer believe, we don’t want to change, but would not become worse” or “What kind of education, what culture, when the country’s troubles”.

Of course, the difficult times, however, when it is easy or when it will be?! Will there be a so-called “right time”?! And maybe this time you shouldn’t wait?! Don’t go with the flow, and the chance to create “best of times” with this slogan and is all-Ukrainian society “Every person”.

Members of a public organization is not instructed, didn’t say smarter than others, by contrast, called together to rise above itself. Voicing the idea that everyone is capable of change your life with new knowledge, their culture and moral values. It would seem that such hackneyed concept, but its relevance they will never lose. And if all citizens step by step will accept this simple truth, believe in your strength, your changes will not keep you waiting.

Of course, not at once to change the whole world around you, but you can change your Outlook, your attitude to this world. Can be combined with the same like-minded people, share experiences and buy a new one. Learn from the best, to become more financially literate and independent, to know the culture and history of their region, and to realize the joy and pride for their country.

All-Ukrainian Association «Everyone is able» visited many localities of educational action

Only armed with knowledge and a clear understanding of what is happening, you can influence the situation in the country both in economic and material and cultural and moral aspects. Global changes in all spheres of human activity, require a global effort, and willingness to face challenges in its path. Because the road occurs under the steps going and everyone is able to contribute to the development of themselves and their country!

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