Snowy apocalypse in Odessa (VIDEO)

As always, the winter suddenly came in January and the development of modern Ukraine was not ready for it. And if in some cities a lack of readiness for the season was expressed snowy roads and a kilometer-long traffic jams, in the Odessa region in this sense has gone on.

In 46 cities and villages of Odessa region people remain without electricity for a week. The kiliysky district of Odessa region suffered most of all.

In the Ukrainian Venice, the city of Vilkovo even sadder, people had no heat, no light, and even run out of cash, because banks and ATMs did not work. So, what to buy wood or coal citizens couldn’t either. But enterprising countrymen, taking advantage of the situation, has already managed to raise prices and the pallets and coal.

The journalists of the newspaper “Kozhen spromozhen” decided to find out what is the situation in Chilia district and including in Vilkovo.

- Practically the whole week we had no light, and at the same time and heat, after all the apartment heating in our house works from electricity. We left for this time a country to mother, there the private house which at least heats up, after all I have a two-year-old child, I simply couldn’t remain without light and heat. Glory to God in the “Oshchadbank” put a generator and we were finally able to withdraw cash, the light turned on just yesterday – says a resident of the city of Vilkovo Natalia.

But what is the reaction of officials in this situation?

First of all the management of a bulk made the decision to provide power supply to city hospital, by means of the generator, with power of 60 kW which was provided by gschs service. All this time the hospital was for wilcoxan the first heating point and any help that they could need in a critical situation. In villages Peaceful and Landing for these purposes FAPs and out-patient clinics were connected to power supply.

Water supply in the city was supplied by diesel generators.

On Wednesday, according to the head of the Kilia Radio Boris Demchenko, the city was fully prepared to accept the tension. The 10 kW and 0.4 kW electrical poles have been restored. And already in the evening of the same day 35 kW voltage was supplied – power supply of apartment houses was resumed. Priority was given to these houses because residents of apartment buildings are heated by electricity.

- In Vilkovo already almost completely power supply is resumed. However some private houses remain de-energized and have to make additional demands for repair, – the operator of a hot line explains “Odessaoblenergo” Inna.

It turns out that in kealia, as in Vilkovo, electricity was restored, but partially. And what is being done at this time in the state administration?

- By the end of January, electricity supply should be restored everywhere. We constantly hold meetings on this subject and we constantly receive information on the resumption of electricity supply. Works are conducted 24 hours a day, – the head of regional Council of the kiliysky area Pavel Boychenko declares.

Electricity is partially restored. However, do realize bureaucrats is that for each “point” worth family, children, the elderly? Do they realize that Ukrainians are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe? On this question so no one to answer not was able. Of course, because the officials back in the warm, bright apartments and townhouses, and “fed the hungry, as we know, not a friend”. Therefore, the citizens themselves should take control of the situation, without expecting a miracle from the authorities.

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