Shame! MPs wiped their feet on the Ukrainians! (VIDEO)

To what extent do you have to be sure of permissiveness and impunity, to be so cynical to wipe their feet on those who pay the salary? On February 7, the session of the Verkhovna Rada was closed due to the extremely low turnout of deputies. Here it is, the face of the servants of the people in all their glory. And, in fact MPs should go to their work a maximum of 8 days per month.

Citizens pay with all allowances and parliamentary costs about 50 thousand hryvnias of these freeloaders, who are not able to get into the workplace. Of course, perhaps, there are more important issues than the fate of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people!

– Today we are by preferential voting try to find bills that may have support in the audience. Unfortunately, none of them support not found, in this regard, I will close the morning session of the Verkhovna Rada, – said Andrei paruby. (on materials of RIA Novosti Ukraine)

And, because this day was submitted for the consideration of zakonoproekt of security increase of sports skill of young people. Really, unless it is an important question, the future of our country? But to reject the draft on the abolition of privatization of state property of Ukraine a small part of the deputies were able. Yes, that-that, and on the division of state property there is always an opportunity.

Looking at all this, one wonders: “How long will such disrespectful treatment of citizens continue?”And, can correctly put a question:” How many citizens will allow similar?»

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