School new: down with assessments and report cards!

School new: down with assessments and report cards!

Without assessments, without a report card-a new model of evaluation of first-graders starts with 2018-2019-th school year in all schools. Instead of marks, the newly-made students will receive a “certificate of achievement”. The innovation has already been tested in schools that are piloting a new standard of primary education. Based on the comments received, will be amended, and the innovation will go to the masses from the first of September.

- This brings us closer to what should look like assessment in primary school. The task of this assessment is to reveal the potential of each child, to support him and to inspire him to learn further. We also put a sample certificate on the website of the Ministry of education and science to get feedback, to finalize the document, to expand the guidelines and to give all Ukrainian schools by September 1, so that the assessment in the New Ukrainian school really took place in a new way,-said the Minister of education and science Lilia Grinevich.


the Minister of education and science Lilia Grinevich

The motto of the innovation is “the learning process is evaluated, not the result”. At first glance, the statement sounds absurd. How can you find out the level of knowledge of the child, if you put an assessment for the learning process? But mon says otherwise. Now, with the help of evidence of the achievements of first-grade students will assess how well they interact with their peers or how well they talk about their home, family. In the section Ukrainian language among other things will find out how the child enters into a dialogue on topics that are of interest. In the art section, separately in the certificate describes how a first-grader eagerly participates in the singing.

On the one hand, this innovation can come to the aid of parents in order to pay attention to the place the child occupies in society and how to interact with him from a young age. It offers a great opportunity to some extent to adjust the behavior, certain fears, or complexes of the child.

On the other hand, we all understand that there are sociable children from nature, the so-called extroverts, and there are closed introverts. Will such an assessment become a turning point in the life of a child, when it will be forced to enter into the framework in which he does not want and can not be? And, accordingly, will not this be a kind of injury for the baby?


And, whether put marks to the first-graders abroad?! For example, in the United States, primary school students are not evaluated in the usual form for us. Here the kids put the stars in the sign of praise. However, the points for knowledge are put, that’s just show the performance of Chad only to parents who, on the basis of what they have seen, will be able to adjust the educational process, more intensely preparing for certain subjects.

So how will the innovative technique affect the Ukrainian children? Time will tell, but it is important that parents and the public remain involved in the educational process. After all, a school for a child is not only a source of knowledge, but also a second home that gives a start in life. Everyone is able to pay maximum attention to such an important aspect as education.

Julia Gutshabash

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