Poison instead of medicine: the nurse has given the girl a detergent

Poison instead of medicine: the nurse has given the girl a detergent

Multiple esophagus burns and unbearable pain – in Pavlograd 13-year-old girl Vlad instead of a medicine from the hands of a nurse got poison. And then an ambulance, children’s regional hospital and repeated washing of the stomach. And, after all the child only couple of days, as was on treatment with the diagnosis of an inflammation of a pancreas.

“Everything was biting me – my throat, my nose, my stomach,” says the young patient.

According to Vlad, she immediately drew attention to the new packaging, because she drank her medicine three times a day. The schoolgirl said this to the nurse, but she was reassured that everything was in order. The girl trusted the medical staff, because how else ?! It turned out that the medication and detergent were in the same bag, and the nurse mixed the money. Both substances are gel-like and in small bags. Maybe fatigue is being waved by colleagues of 57-year-old nurse Valentina Sirotchenko, who has worked half her life in this hospital.

To date, the woman was removed from work, for the period of the trial, but was not fired. IO the head physician asserts that there are no complaints from the parents, but a criminal case was initiated on the fact of the incident.

How scary it does not sound, but medical errors in Ukraine are not new. According to the WHO, 5-7 patients per day die in this country, and 25-30 people become disabled. And this is the statistics of only those data, when death occurred directly in the hospital. And, if the horrible happened outside the medical institution, then it is almost impossible to prove anything. All will be written off for non-observance of the prescribed to the patients or complications.

Any incident that occurred with the patient will be hushed up. Colleagues guilty for nothing will not testify against. You can not – it’s “your own” or just afraid that these are the “own” conclude. In the EU, everything is different, here it is recommended to talk about the mistake made in the team and discuss the consequences, so that this no longer arose. In the United States, charges are lifted from the doctor if he admits his mistake, apologizes for it and carries all the financial expenses of the victim.

The main tool to protect against mistakes and abuses is the medical code, which is in Germany, Austria, France, the United States and other countries. This code completely regulates the activity of medical workers. Here, all the principles of the work of physicians and their duties are set out, in case of non-fulfillment or violation, which health workers bear serious administrative violations.

The problem of Ukrainian medicine and medical errors must be solved radically. Beginning with education and ending with a continuous professional development. Code of medical ethics, this is also a bridgehead that will change the situation for the better! Everyone is able not to stay away from the existing problem, not to turn away, because in such a situation, as 13-year-old Vlada can turn out to be everyone!