Pension 2018: how to calculate your payment

Pension 2018: how to calculate your payment

2018 is the preparatory period for the pension reform, so this year there are special conditions and rules for entering the deserved rest and calculating payments. Let’s see who, for how many years and how much will receive?

This year, the formula for calculating the pension will be calculated on the average salary for the last two years, this is only an exception, in the future, the average salary will be taken into account for 3 years. So, those who retire this year are incredibly lucky.

When calculating pensions, the PFU multiplies the average salary for the last 2 (and next year – 3) years, the coefficient of own average salary (its salary is divided by the national average), experience in years and 1%. The received amount is the size of the future pension, if it is below the minimum, then it is raised to the subsistence minimum for the disabled – 1435 UAH.


It is also interesting that the Pension Fund and the state statistics service have a different average salary, but the calculation uses data from pfus. According to which the average salary in Ukraine is UAH 7434,6, at that time, as the state statistics service, the figure is 8480 UAH. The wage coefficient is 1 if your salary has always been at the average level. But if the payment is twice higher, then the coefficient will be equal to two, however, it is necessary to receive approximately 15 000 UAH.

As for the retirement age and the length of service required for this, starting from this year, for retirement at 60 years, the number of years of service will grow every year for 12 months. Well, if the experience is not enough, the age of access to a well-deserved rest will also increase. As a result, in 2028, those who earned 35 years of experience will retire at 60 years, 25-35 years of experience will provide access to a well-deserved rest at 63 years, and those whose experience will be 15-25 years, should work up to 65 years.

Today, the average pension is 2500 UAH, but to earn it you have to Oh, how to try. It is necessary to work not less than 35 years, and to receive a salary above average, i.e. about 10 000 UAH. So it turns out that on a well-deserved vacation we will receive 25% of the salary. At the same time, in the International labour organization pension in the amount of 40% of the received salary is considered sufficient, and the pension in the amount of 60% of the salary is considered high. For example, the French receive a pension of 50% of the average salary, which is calculated for the last 11 years of work.


In Ukraine, those who are really lucky are the judges who will receive 80% of their former income. What about the other citizens? Forced to live at best on a minimum pension, and at worst social in the amount of a little more than 400 UAH.? Whatever it was, but society must constantly monitor the activities of the Pro-government elite and everyone is able to be aware of everything that is happening in the country. After all, the only source of power in Ukraine is the people.

Sergey Protsenko

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