The main goals and objectives “Ukrainian public organization”Everyone is capable”

Everyone is committed to his dream of a happy life. Now, almost everyone had a desire to change their environment and their future, as well as the future of their children. Changes have affected all spheres of human life, and everyone sees the changes on its own. Whether it’s the culture of communication, whether it is restoring order outside their front door, whether it is education demeanor and respectful attitude to everything around. But why would one not sought, only one conclusion – everyone can, and everyone is able to contribute to the future of the younger generation.

Man – is the ultimate driving force, leading to a positive result. Citizens of countries united in the main – everyone wants happiness of his country and everyone can do it. Because in fact, it does not matter who one is – at school or a student, the employed or unemployed entrepreneur or state employee or retiree representative youth – every patriot of his native land.

Organization “Everyone is capable” encourages citizens to be conscious and active – use your voice and expertise to influence the lives around them. “Everyone is capable”calls together with like-minded people realize the desire into action. After all, the surrounding reality – is the embodiment of thoughts into action. This means that everyone can invest in a growing generation of robust, bright and productive thoughts. That’s how the future will be created with a highly developed civil society.

Each is capable of forming a new format thinking revive spiritual and cultural and moral values ​​in society. By joining forces in the organization “in every way” you can set the right direction for light and happy future, which is in the hands of each person!

Main tasks and solutions

Raising the cultural level of the population at home. Proclamation of the golden rule “Purely not where clean, and where we do not litter.”Conducting gatheringall indifferent to the state of the environment.

Fighting indifference and laziness in everyday life. In the first place by joining with like-minded people who today are ready to change your life and future for the better. Infect their enthusiasm and activities of all others.

Involved in educating children and young people, support for sport. Together with teachers, athletes, and all caring people to take an active part in instilling cultural values ​​and moral standards of continuity of generations.

Development of the culture of peace, goodness and justic, spiritual and moral education of youth.

Raising legal awareness of the population, protection of rights and freedoms. It is important to inform people, not only their duties as law-abiding citizens , but also the law. After all, there are laws for civilized life , where every man is convinced that it is not left alone with their problems.

Public satisfaction, namely economic, social, cultural, environmental and other interests of Ukrainian citizens in exercising their rights.

Determination of priorities in social, cultural, economic sphere for the development of the state and the formation of solutions to pressing problems.

Monitoring of life of citizens, as well as analysis and report this information to the public. Direct contact with people – through social surveys and complaints of citizens.

Participation in various projects and activities to develop the infrastructure of human settlements that are supported by local governments, public authorities, enterprises, etc.

Organization, conduct and participate in educational, recreational, cultural, sporting, environmental and other events in the settlements.

Assistance in the organization of scientific and creative conferences, competitions , performances, concerts , etc. to develop and promote the history, culture, language, literature and religion, folk customs, traditions and rituals.

Promoting perpetuate outstanding events and persons. History, cultural heritage – is the foundation of any civilized society. Everyone can not forget to give their heroes, geniuses and their creations.

Free flow of information about their activities. In order to establish cultural and civilized society in all respects.

Cooperation with other NGOs and community organizations, through the creation and dissemination of common projects. The more people who care to meet the fate of its region, the region of the country the more global issues can be solved.

Assistance in organizing the exhibitions, fairs, recreational and tourism, sporting events. Cultural leisure and healthy lifestyle lead to favorable changes in the minds and lives of everyone.

Appeal to higher authorities with proposals, statements and complaints from the public. The state apparatus is designed to solve problems and build a bright future people. Through constructive dialogue with the authorities of the parties to achieve mutual understanding and meeting the needs of citizens.

Civil security. The first association of people in the squad – the guardians of order. Everyone is able to realize that security in his home area, the country depends on him. On the other hand, where the rule of justice, and there is no impunity, and offenders will disappear.