“Everyoneis capable”

Everyone wants and everyone can be happy, able to stand on his feet in the present and be confident in their future.

Everybody wants to change, but for unknown reasons, constantly postponing them indefinitely. And, because the time for change has come, the time to act! Everyone can stop being a consumer and begin to build, to build their future and that of future generations. After all, people – not a gray mass, and personality, and all in the hands of everyone.

As you know, want to change the world – start with yourself. That’s why “Everyone is capable” now teaming up with people not indifferent for good deeds. Everyone is able to bring order to their porches and homes, to restore order in their minds. Not really important material wealth, gender or age, everyone is able to paint a bench in the yard, or plant a tree in the park, read a book for their own development and the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. Because the world around, much more than a private room, apartment or house, the surrounding world – this park to the street, and the city and the country, and …

Everyone is capable of change. Terrible thing to do the first step, namely the organization”Everyone is capable” you can meet like-minded people with whom it will be easier to implement. Organization “Everyone is capable” calls, united, remove obstacles to achieving the goals together because people are capable of a lot!

Organization “Everyone is capable” calls to take an active part in improving the culture – the culture of communication, culture, behavior, moral culture. Just thinking, cultural, and therefore civilized man can become the engine of not only their future, but also the future of successive generations. Parenting eternal values ​​in the hearts and minds of children and youth – is the foundation that will develop in the future. Why would one not sought, only one conclusion – anyone can and everyone is able to contribute to future grandchildren great-grandchildren.

Public organization “Everyone is capable” calls together to participate in educational programs for children and adults, provide support orphanages and certainly not remain aloof from human misery . Indifference and laziness – those vices which easily overcome by combining the common effort. And with it comes the revival and faith in yourself, faith in people, and the belief that everyone is capable of change. All these are not empty words. This is something that should become a norm of life, our life. And it will, because this method, each, each of us.