Opening 19-year-old Ukrainian woman will help millions of people!

19-year-old graduate of the technical College Tamara Waxed invented a special glove that will help people with speech disorders to turn the words of gestures into an oral conversation. The glove is connected to the phone and thanks to a special program the gadget synthesizes speech.
- Works this program so-the person puts on a glove. Before using, you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone and pair between the two devices. Each finger has a sensor. The microcontroller reads data from the sensors, processes the information and transmits it to the mobile phone, Tamara explains.
At first the unusual rukavichka ISIOY (“I speak instead of you”) was a term paper of the girl, then became diploma. Today, the young inventor, together with the teacher, focused on the work of gloves for paralyzed people who do not know the sign language, but will be able to speak their language with those gestures that are convenient for them. This will allow you to understand and speak with a person who has a disease.
– Imagine – the man made a gesture, and the nurses got or call or message dropper over feed or water. It’s also possible. For this glove a lot of work – it can be instead of joysticks to play games. We just need a proper program. Even there is an opinion that it is possible to operate the quadcopter instead of the control panel, – the girl explained.
Surprisingly, Tamara spent a total of 200 hryvnias and four days of working time on her invention. Practical value and use gloves speaks for itself. However, does the state or Ukrainian business invest in the replication of such a necessary thing?! It is a question. Worldwide, applied developments that can become a market product are financed by the business.
In Europe and the United States, universities, laboratories and research centers have separate areas dealing with the application segment. So in the United States, for example, local business mainly finances various studies that have practical benefits. At the same time, fundamental science also receives financial assistance from entrepreneurs, which is a quarter of the total costs.
Today, many research projects in Ukraine are developing thanks to foreign grants. However, everyone is able to change the approach to science, showing Ukrainian business what fruits it can bring. Everyone is able to achieve high results, as Tamara Waxed. If you have a goal – obstacles do not exist!

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