New police-old methods or manual speed control return!

New police-old methods or manual speed control return!

Most recently, the Minister of infrastructure, in an interview on one of the Central TV channels, responsibly said that from July 27, will return to the manual control of the speed mode. Then, the press service of the Ministry said that in fact, the process of changing the regulatory framework will begin. It will be manual radar or not? Let’s find out!

– The first step that we will take – from Friday, July 27, we will return the speed control on our roads. It will be implemented in manual mode, as it was before. Since Monday (July 23), radars will be installed on police cars, and if on Thursday the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers is considered, on Friday they will be involved in the full legal plane”, – said Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan with confidence.

The Minister’s words cannot be interpreted in two ways, because he clearly says about the start of manual speed control. This decision officials argue a sharp increase in mortality on the roads. Indeed, a huge number of fatal accidents require an immediate response from the government. But really, the manual speed control on the roads is a life-saving measure?


The return of the so-called hand “dryers”, which shows only the speed and “Trukhanov” with “viewfinders” that photographs can lead to corruption. Actually, that’s why this function was eliminated in due time. And the police now have no right to use such devices devices, due to the lack of regulatory framework.

An alternative solution to the problem should be the automatic recording of violations, but so far it remains a pipe dream, because for its implementation requires special equipment that identifies the driver, and not just determine the owner of the car, which alas, no.

Probably, therefore the Minister of infrastructure declared cheaper, but less effective method of control of “excess kilometers”?! As a result, the government postponed the consideration of the control of the speed regime until the autumn.

– There were a lot of discussions in the public environment, so this issue was decided not to pedal, – as a result, Vladimir Omelyan told the media.

Many drivers today support the need to limit the speed limit, but at the same time and complain that such measures can lead to endless rows of traffic jams. Motorists say that the movement around the city at a speed of 50 km/h is fair, but not in all parts of the cities.


And what will the European experience? In most of the countries on the territory of the city there is a limit of 50 km/h, in the time, as on country roads it is allowed to drive 80-90 km/h Maximum allowed speed is 130 km/h While the speed limit is adjusted based on time of day and year. So in winter, in France, on the highway can be accelerated by no more than 110 km/h, and in Poland, the speed during the day is limited to 50 km/h, and at night – 60 km / h.

Traffic accidents claimed the 2017 life 3432, with nearly 35,000 were injured. In total 27 220 road accidents with victims were registered. The authorities must take all necessary measures to change the situation. But what should be the methods of dealing with an accident? A return to the past? Such issues do not tolerate hasty decisions, especially with the first. Everyone is able to stay abreast of developments, expressing its position on such important issues and not blindly trusting the establishment.

Julia Gutshabes

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