New penalties for debts or Ukrainians milk, and where result?

New penalties for debts or Ukrainians milk, and where result?

In July 2016, the law on property tax, which was called the luxury tax, came into force. Now everyone who has an unacceptable wealth-an apartment of more than 60 m2 or a house of more than 120 squares, must pay tax for each “extra meter”. However, this is not all, as there was a system of penalties for non-payment of such a “fee”.

Let’s remember in more detail about the tax before we talk about penalties. So, you are the owner of an apartment with a total area of 65 square meters? If you are a law-abiding taxpayer, then in 2018 you must pay tax for the past year. Or maybe you have an apartment and a house in the village with a total square of over 180 m2? Congratulations, you’re an oligarch and you have to pay for it. The tax rate is determined by local authorities, so it may vary in different cities. This figure also depends on the minimum wage. This year the rate has decreased from the maximum 3% of the minimum wage to 1.5%, as the minimum wage has increased.


How to calculate tax? Take a percentage of the minimum wage, ie, if your city/village / village. the rate is 0.5, and the minimum wage in 2017 was 3200, the tax will be 16 hryvnia for each meter above the norm. At a maximum rate of 1.5% will have to pay extra for 48 UAH per meter. Well, if you are lucky enough and you are the owner of an apartment with an area of more than 300 m2 or a house of more than 500m2, then get ready to fork out 25,000 annually.

The tax must be paid within 60 days of receipt of payment (the loss of the invoice will not be an excuse). If you delay the payment of tax up to 30 days, you will be fined 10% of the total amount. And if the debt hangs more than a month, then all 20%. In addition, in case of late payment, a penalty will be charged, which is 120% of the annual rate of the NBU, which is valid at the time of the appearance of debt.

And, what do you say international experience? In the European Union there is also a type of tax, but do not forget about the General standard of living in these countries. Not to mention the percentage of taxes/income. So, Europeans use three types of real estate taxation. The most common is to calculate the cost of housing in proportion, the second is the rate per square meter and the third, which exists in the UK and France – is a fixed fee set by the municipalities.


For example, in Poland, where the rate is assigned per square meter, the owners pay 0.17 euros per 1 m2, and in Cyprus, housing worth up to €120 000 tax is not taxed at all. But the owners of housing in the amount of €120 000 to €800 000, pay at a rate of 4% to 7%. And, if the property exceeds the cost of €800 000, the owner will pay the highest rate of 8%.

It’s amazing, the Ukrainians are paying taxes for literally every step. Bought products-paid tax, clothes-the same, not to mention the excise duty, if you bought alcohol, cigarettes or filled the car, as well as the tax for its purchase, and of course income tax and pension Fund. In General, this list can be continued indefinitely! That’s just the result of where? Where do all these tens of thousands of hryvnia, monthly, and daily pay citizens?! Everyone can not remain indifferent, interested in what is happening and achieving a transparent system of taxation!

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