Named the most popular profession in Ukraine

Named the most popular profession in Ukraine

On July 31, a press conference on employment and unemployment in the country was held. Acting head of the state employment service Valery Yaroshenko spoke about the most popular professions in Ukraine, as well as called the lowest-paid specialty.

Despite the fact that the market is flooded with economists and lawyers, graduates of schools are sent to study in these specialties. So for 3000 vacancies of economists, there are 5000 wishing. Valery Yaroshenko focuses on the fact that”high school is not focused on the real needs of the labor market in Ukraine.”

-About 50% of the unemployed who apply to the centers of vocational education of the Civil service of employment are those who have higher education, that is, they come and, having higher education, are retrained for working professions, – Valery Yaroshenko says.


Head of the state employment service Valery Yaroshenko

In fact, it is very sad that this trend in Ukraine has reached a certain scale. Here two factors work at once. Unconscious choice of the business of his life, by the graduates, when a young man enters the UNIVERSITY on the orders of his parents. And, as well as the isolation of higher education from the objective reality, when theoretical knowledge, overshadow practical skills. At this point, the state should appear in the arena, with the formation of high-quality and relevant educational programs.

-Professional and qualification imbalance hinders the labour market… In Ukraine, it so mentally happened that up to 80% of school graduates try to enter higher education and less than 30% receive professional education, – explains the acting head of the state employment service.

graduation students

According to Valery Yaroshenko, the country lacks such specialists as electric welders, locksmiths, turners, bakers, drivers, carpenters. Employees of the service sector: sellers, seamstresses, cooks, waiters, guards, nurses. Agricultural workers are also quite in demand: tractor drivers, poultry farmers, livestock, agricultural machinery maintenance workers… We also need engineers from various industries, pharmacists, and there are not enough teachers in the country today, the official said.

However, some of these professions are low-paid, it is no wonder that such vacancies are not closed. Take the specialty of a nurse, a huge responsibility, work with human lives, and the salary – pennies.

– The level of wages offered by employers is scanty. In health care people receive about 5 thousand hryvnias a month, in education – 6. Of course, these funds are not enough for a normal existence. Why people go abroad – said Yaroshenko.


Let’s compare Ukrainian salaries with European ones. So the nurse in Poland gets 2500-3500 zlotys, which is $675-945. The locksmith receives $1215 in Poland, and in Ukraine – 10 000 UAH, which is $370. The salary of a Turner in Poland can reach $1850, while in Ukraine the same $370.

For anybody, a secret that the salary Fund in Europe is higher than Ukrainian and, of course, in this matter the leading place is taken by the state. However, this does not remove the responsibility from the citizens themselves who receive education, without thinking whether they will be able to continue to work in their chosen profession. Everyone is able to study the situation in the labor market, to obtain relevant knowledge and develop, achieving success.

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