Maria boruta-the best sportswoman in Ukraine

Maria boruta-the best sportswoman in Ukraine

Maria boruta silver medalist of the European Boxing championship is recognized as the best sportswoman of Ukraine for June. This was stated in the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Mentors girls Andrew and Anatoly Chumakov also received the title, becoming the best coaches in June.

The sportswoman from Khmelnytsky is the first number of the Ukrainian national team, the champion of Ukraine, the winner of the Cup of Ukraine, boxed at the license world Cup. For the first time she became the best athlete in Boxing. European championship, in which Maria received silver, took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here the sportswoman acted in weight category of 75 kg, to the first place she didn’t have a little experience and the cunning inherent in more adult competitors.

It’s amazing when a fragile girl is engaged in such a seemingly male sport. However, Maria has loved Boxing since childhood, making every effort to get better every day.

– First went to the Boxing my brothers, and then me this sport is liked, as if strangely was not. Because girls tend to like dance and stuff, – said the athlete.


From Hobbies, Boxing took a leading place in the life of the girl, turning into a favorite thing. Maria does not regret neither forces, nor time for sports.

- There are a lot of advantages in Boxing. For example, the fact that the head does not climb different nonsense, you will not get into bad company, because you just do not have enough time. After training only one desire – to take a shower, eat and sleep, says khmelnychanka.

The girl trains in the sports club “Avangard”, the conditions in which leave much to be desired and boxers for years dream of a new training ground. Despite all the difficulties, athletes still achieve success.

- I try to work more, to correct the mistakes both tactical, and physical, – the sportswoman emphasizes.


Most recently, she visited the European championship, and today begins to prepare for the next competition. For the sake of new victories, Maria works tirelessly, develops and does not stop there. In fact ahead of Melnichenko a clear goal – to win the Championship of the Europe, and behind him, and the World Cup.

Looking at the efforts and commitment of Maria Boruta, you understand that she will necessarily achieve the desired result. So everyone is able to improve, move forward, taking a new pedestal. And no matter in what field of activity, everyone is able to compete with a yesterday, getting better!

Julia Gutshabash

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