Life on the planet – the truth that is hidden (VIDEO)

Life on the planet – the truth that is hidden (VIDEO)

“Wag of the wings of a butterfly on the one side of the world can cause an earthquake on the other”

Chaos Theory.

The film “House” was banned in 36 countries. At the same time, as the author says – where there are any problems, filming is always the banned. Despite the fact that the crew was oppressed and threatened with imprisonment, nothing stopped the creators to achieve the goal! So everyone is able to change the world!

So what is a house –is it four walls or the street, region, state, PLANET? The life of every single person, as a rule, is built in his little world. A circle of close friends, constant care and leisure.On this the point is set. And no matter what the outside of this limited existence is. Deforestation, extinction of wildlife, minutely death, the collapse of human civilization… What’s next? Nothing, absoluteemptiness …

Moving as on the thumb, continuing shield from external problems, humanity is quietly heading into the inevitable abyss.However, everyone is able to change the harsh reality, avoiding a catastrophe of global scale. Ask how? – Not to be indifferent. In this world, everything is interconnected – a total disaster or famine of children in the third world countries, the waste left in the wrong place or irrational use of water resources.

Educating children and young people to respect for the flora and fauna. Respect and compassion for people, rendering possible assistance, a culture of behavior are simple truths. However, in a global sense it is an invaluable contribution that everyone can make, thereby hourly changing the future.

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