Lawlessness in Ukrainian or as the system presses the people!

Lawlessness in Ukrainian or as the system presses the people!

An independent judiciary? Law enforcement agencies acting in the interests of the state, not a bunch of oligarchs? No, they have not heard about it in Ukraine. Instead, a new attempt on democracy in the country is unprecedented pressure on lawyers. Attacks, beating of human rights defenders today, unfortunately, becomes more and more large-scale. The apotheosis was the retention of members of The national bar Association of Ukraine in their office for several hours. What about the police? Oh, nothing.

Lawyers are people who are a priori independent of the authorities, because they do not protect on the principle of “your” or “our”. Often protect people who are objectionable to the system. Manual Executive power, manual legislative, the next stage of subordination of lawyers, for one hundred percent of the “correct” sentences. And, what, all the law and European partners will not find fault with.


Lawyer Yevhen Solodko

- We perform the constitutional function of providing legal assistance. The lawyer is always in opposition to the state, whatever the regime was, totalitarian, democratic, – said the lawyer Eugene Solodko at a meeting of the NAAU.

On this day, several dozen people radical right organization C-14 invaded the premises of the National bar Association of Ukraine (NAAU). The activists broke into the Cabinet meeting, thus disrupting an emergency meeting related to attacks on the law committees and NAAU and the protection of the guarantee of advocacy in General.

And here someone may say, but where is the power? This, they say, the radicals organized, the ideological, so to say? In that case, for what reason did the police decide to withdraw? Why let “activists” into the building, knowing what important meeting is held by members of the bar Association? Why ignored illegal detention of lawyers for several hours, after all the exit was blocked? Why did the guardians of order turn a blind eye to what was happening?


The lawyers were grabbed, blocking the way. Reporters at this time have got, after all, very active citizens were against shooting, so the fourth power in Ukraine, as always, is not in favor. What about law enforcement? Again found that the situation is ordinary, not requiring intervention, even attack journalists, smash their equipment, because they are not used?!

That’s just something to be afraid of radicals, if they defend a right cause? Why don’t they want to go public? By the way, the incident passed by the national media, is this a standard situation? Still do not believe that this “action” was organized for the specific purpose of the Pro-government elite? Or are there still doubts that a strong advocacy is not needed by the dictate regime?!

It is also terrible that the people’s deputies took part in the illegal detention of lawyers, knowing full well that they impede the activities of an independent self-governing organization of the Association of national lawyers of Ukraine.


Is this how a democratic state should look like? Lawlessness, violation of constitutional rights of citizens? And this is the face of a country located in the heart of Europe? Is it possible to change something? There is no doubt a must! Everyone can not stay aloof, when to ride roughshod over the dignity of Ukrainians, when blatantly and cynically deprived of immutable freedoms!

Sergey Protsenko

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