International Airlines of Ukraine abandoned their passengers in a foreign country!

International Airlines of Ukraine abandoned their passengers in a foreign country!

“MAU threw away with the flight family with a child right at the time of landing, despite the presence of their boarding passes, and then just left them on the gate without any help”-if someone told me such news some time ago, I would not believe it in view of the absurdity of the message…

So begins his story in the social. network Nikolai Skavronsky about the situation that happened to him, his 10-year-old son and wife in Munich. Going on a trip nothing boded ill. Nicholas in advance worried about buying tickets to Munich, as well as two days before departure, ordered return tickets, using the on-line registration.

However, before departure, passing through all necessary procedures, family Skavronsky not allowed on the plane, arguing that the arriving Boeing smaller and was replaced. At the same time, all the other passengers passed quietly to their seats, while Nikolai and his family have to wait. Of course, because the International Airlines of Ukraine promised that Nicholas and his family will fly away. Alas, but the miracle did not happen, and they were “overboard” aircraft, places for a family with a child was not! Don’t believe? But it is!

In the end, the family Skavronsky went home only 7 hours and then, thanks to his knowledge of English and the help of a bona fide tour operator. After all, as it turned out, UIA’s office at the international airport represents EasyJet. At the same time for the entire period of wandering the family, for the time they spent to get out of the airport (which is two hours) and finally understand what is happening, none of the “UIA” did not even try to contact the scavron And offer help.

- Why, after the passage of the plane late passengers, we, in fact,” sent to nowhere “saying:” You do not have enough space ” and offered absolutely nothing in return?! Nothing at all! No help! We with the child were simply left in complete bewilderment to stand at an empty gate, in almost empty block of gates “in” Terminal 1 which de jure is already not even in Germany,-Nikolay Skavronsky is indignant.


It is also interesting that while the family was trying to figure out how to proceed in the search for representation of “UIA”, everyone who they were trying to get some information could not even believe that this could happen. Indeed, as an international company in Ukraine, can do so with their customers? Such a service is the norm for MAU? Alas, but the post of Nicholas in social networks commented a lot of people who fell into such situations and were also left to their fate.

To be fair it should be noted that there were also those Ukrainians who also got into such scrapes with UIA. However, they were more fortunate, and airlines provided all the information and comfortable conditions for waiting for the next flight. What is the reason for such a selective approach? Why so many dissatisfied? Still, UIA is able to come out of non-standard situations with dignity, but why this service does not apply to all citizens?

And, after all, Ukraine positions itself as a tourist country. The government forms the strategy of tourism development, there is a tourist brand of Ukraine. And, correctly, after all around the world this type of business accounts for a huge number of jobs and taxes.

– Conditions for sustainable development of tourism and resorts are: ensuring the coordinating role of the state in the implementation of national tourism policies with the application of the principles of public-private partnerships, organization of scientific researches, development of human potential; concentration of state resources on the priorities of the development of tourism and resorts of Ukraine, – noted in “Strategy development of tourism and resorts for the period up to 2026″ approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

It turns out that these are only beautiful words, but in reality things are quite different and you do not have to wait for support from the state? And, after all ” MAU ” – the face of Ukraine in the international arena, the face distorted by a grimace, instead of a sympathetic smile. Meanwhile, in such a situation, as Nicholas, may be, both Ukrainian and foreign citizens. Therefore, it is important to take matters into their own hands and change what is happening. How? Demand quality services, because we deserve it! Everyone is able to follow the example of Nicholas Skavronska and not be silent when so treacherously violated your rights, and fight for them!


Post Scriptum. Today, at the initiative of Nikolay, lawyers understand an event. As the head of the family Skavronsky: “This is a question of “family honor.” Meanwhile, ” MAU ” brought their belated public apology to the social. networks with promises of compensation. Would they have apologized if Nicholas had done nothing and his post had not received thousands of likes and repost?

Julia Gutshabash

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