Instead of supporting the national producer – new taxes?

Instead of supporting the national producer – new taxes?

On June 13, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution, according to which the list of payers of the single social contribution is expanded. Henceforth, the ERUs will be required to pay monthly to members of the farm, in the event that they do not apply to persons insured on other grounds.

– TSE rsena to permit raspodeliti only vnesok on zagalnogo patterns Derzhavne socalise Strahuvannya, yaky splashutils new category platnick member fermerskogo of gospodarstva, VSI ViDi Strahuvannya social, reported on the Government portal.

The obligation to register an ERU payer does not apply to persons who are insured (employees, sole traders, heads of farms with the status of family farms.farms.)

The basis for the calculation of the single social contribution is the profit of members of the farm received from their activities, which will be charged tax on personal income For late payment of the contribution, the farmer faces a fine of 20% of the outstanding amounts. In General, ERUs is a kind of contribution. Even if you are registered on the 31st, you are obliged to pay for the entire current month. The amount of ERU is 22% of the minimum wage – 3723 UAH, and it is 819 UAH.

In January-April 2018, the Single payment for compulsory state social insurance was provided for in the amount of 68.4 billion hryvnias, which is 27.3% more than in the same period last year. At the same time, the amount of income tax and military fee also increased by 24.3% and amounted to 66.8 billion in total!


The Prime Minister-the Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman

– I will do everything that the national producer began restoration. And the question of support of the Ukrainian producer-a question number one,-declared the Prime Minister-the Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman.

Yeah, ERM … ERM … it’s kind of a way to support a farmer.

And how to protect the national producer abroad? In almost all countries, the business climate is improving thanks to the reduction of tax pressure, the introduction of benefits and subsidies. In addition, there are whole associations that support a particular producer. So in Spain there is a national Association of garlic, which protects the interests of the producer in the market.


While the world is reducing taxes and doing just about everything to make the locomotive of the economy-the national producer-move forward, the opposite is observed in Ukraine. Everyone is able to change the situation today, taking an active part in the life of their state. After all, only a concerned society will be able to set the growth rate of the country. Otherwise, the model of behavior “Our house s edge, I do not know nichogo” will play a cruel joke with the Ukrainians.

Julia Gutshabes

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