Instead of oil – poison or what are the producers for profit?

Instead of oil – poison or what are the producers for profit?

Cheese, milk, sour cream, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, butter – the list of dairy products can be continued indefinitely, as well as odes about the benefits of “fermented milk”. That’s just to maintain their health is becoming increasingly difficult. The fault is another increase in prices for the “milk basket”.

During the year, dairy products have risen in price by 12% according to official statistics. In total, the price of this or that product from milk soared from 0.2% to 33%! So milk just went up by 33%, which is 5.5 UAH per liter, increased in price and butter by 29% – 8.3 UAH per 200g, sour cream by 19% or 8.4 UAH per 1 kg, cottage cheese by 0.2%, which is 0.2 UAH per kg.

- In our milk basket included a kilogram of sour cream and cheese, 200 grams of butter and a liter of milk. Its cost at the end of April was 202 UAH, while a year ago all this could be bought for 179.6 UAH. That is, the milk basket for the year rose by 22.4 UAH, – wrote on his page on Facebook agricultural expert, President Of the Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexei Doroshenko.


Agricultural expert, President Of the Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexei Doroshenko

According to the expert, the oil will continue to grow in price in the future. Many manufacturers export a product that will not spoil the porridge, and the growth of its value has become a global trend. In Ukraine, almost equal prices with Eastern Europe. That’s just the average salaries in countries such as Poland, verge or the Czech Republic, differ from the Ukrainian earnings in 2-3 times, at least. The number of imported hard cheeses will also grow.


- Problems with milk falsification have not gone away. Public Council under Derepressible reiterates to the state on relatively large quantities of adulterated butter, firm and processed cheeses. The officials did not react to these requests, summarized on the page Oleksiy Doroshenko.

In fact, the composition of butter has long left much to be desired. Wanting to reduce the cost of their product and increase profits, many manufacturers add to the cream product – palm oil.  After all, the difference in the cost of vegetable and milk fat is almost 10 times. At the same time, the number of cattle is constantly falling, so it is not necessary to expect a decrease in prices at the expense of domestic producers.

Meanwhile, the harm of palm oil is simply terrifying. This fat provokes an increase in cholesterol in the blood, the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots, obesity, diabetes. In addition, this vegetable oil is the strongest carcinogen, in other words, provokes the appearance of cancer tumors.

And, now let’s imagine the amount of poor-quality butter, which eats Ukrainian? After all, most are used to save on everything and diet – no exception. And, after all, it is in cheap oil that this complex lipid is most often used, to which the human body is not adapted.

The harm of palm oil has long been obvious, for this reason, its importation is prohibited in many States that care about the health of citizens. Is it possible to change the situation in Ukraine? Can and should! Everyone is able not to turn a blind eye to what is happening, expressing his opinion on such a serious matter. After all, who, if not we will take care of our health and the health of the future generation?!

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