In Ukrainian schools poison children?

In Ukrainian schools poison children?

In Kharkiv region there was a mass poisoning of children. Forty-four students and a school employee were hospitalized. Really such fate will comprehend all Ukrainian schools?

On 29 March this year in a rural clinic turned 16 students complaining of feeling unwell. Children were pre-diagnosed with rotavirus infection and prescribed outpatient treatment. The next day, March 30, in the school was 44 students. After examination by doctors of the district Central hospital together with specialists of regional infectious diseases hospital 40 children were diagnosed with “rotavirus infection”, four – “intestinal infection”, – the employee of regional Prosecutor’s office Valery Lyalyuk noted.

Later, the school employee also went to the hospital with the same complaints, like the children, the woman was hospitalized. Today the condition of children and the employee satisfactory. On the fact of improper performance of duties on health care of children initiated criminal proceedings.

The worst thing is that mass poisoning of children in Ukraine is not a single phenomenon. At the beginning of this academic year, in one of the Kyiv high schools, after lunch in the dining room, schoolchildren showed symptoms of food poisoning. The next day, more than 200 students did not attend classes. In 2017, as recorded school poisoning in Transcarpathia, Chernihiv region, Chernivtsi and Volyn.

In Europe, school meals are delivered to the level of national security. On the quality of the diet in schools leading UK. On own bitter experience, after obesity of schoolboys and increase of level of cardiovascular diseases among children, British in a root changed approach to a diet of schoolboys. A separate state structure of School food Trust was created, which is controlled by the General public. The school began to provide healthy food that meets high quality standards.

In Finland, there is also a positive experience in relation to the school diet – there are recommendations for food for schoolchildren, the appearance of the dining room, and the food itself should be carried out by specially trained staff under the supervision of teachers, and not by students on duty, as is often the case in Ukrainian canteens.

After the elimination of sanitary inspection of Ukraine began to beat all records for mass poisoning. There are loud statements that the perpetrators will be punished, but who is still there. As in the incident in Kharkiv and dozens of other in Ukraine to bring to justice? Only comprehensive monitoring by civil society will be able to change the situation. The same applies to changes in the school feeding system itself. The successful experience of European countries can help here. Everyone is able to initiate changes in the system of school meals in Ukraine today. Otherwise, what future awaits our children?

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