In the ranking of the roads of the world, Ukraine was the 7th from the bottom

In the ranking of the roads of the world, Ukraine was the 7th from the bottom

And again Ukraine got into the TOP 10, alas, the worst. Ukraine took 130th place among 137 countries in the world roads ranking. This became known due to the data of the global competitiveness index “Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018″.

The United Arab Emirates has rightfully received the palm with its ideal road surface. Next, Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the Netherlands took the leading positions. The US found itself in 10th place. At the same time, Nigeria, Moldova and Mozambique surpassed Ukraine in the quality of asphalt pavement,taking respectively 127th, 128th and 129th places. Following Ukraine with the worst roads were Paraguay, Guinea, Madagascar, Congo and the last place was taken by Mauritania.


In the General rating of transport infrastructure, for which data were collected, Ukraine took 87th place, just behind Montenegro. In this chart, the last place also went to Mauritania, but the first – Singapore.

While Ukraine takes the last lines of the ratings, and the roads turn into an attraction called “race to the bottom”, the government gives a promise. At the same time arguing the terrible state of roads climatic conditions, they say, the sub – zero temperatures in Ukraine, plus-no one coating does not stand. But look at the roads in Poland, Hungary or Slovakia, where the quality of the tracks is much better!

- Overdue repairs in Ukraine have led to the emergency condition of a large number of roads. 90% are in an abnormal state. I would very much like to refuse emergency repairs, but it is impossible. Emergency repairs are a necessary measure to ensure the passage. A few more years, such repairs will be necessary. During the years of implementation of our 5-year program, the scale of patching will be reduced – said acting head of the state Agency of roads of Ukraine “Ukravtodor” Slavomir Novak.


Acting head of the state Agency of roads of Ukraine “Ukravtodor” Slavomir Novak

Road excise tax on the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel, VAT and excise duty on retail trade, taxes on spare parts and the car itself. Taxes from drivers are striking variety. At the same time with each liter of gasoline to repair the roads takes about 6 UAH, with diesel fuel – about 4 UAH, and with liquefied gas – 1.5 UAH. Billions of hryvnia go into a bottomless road pit. All the money naturally does not reach the Ukrainian roads, and those that reach actively “mastered”.

– In 2018, 47 billion UAH will be allocated for the repair of roads in Ukraine, for the restoration of about 4 thousand km of Roads, – report on the website “Ukravtodor”.

In Ukraine, the share of taxes in the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel is 40% and 33% respectively. In the EU, the share is 60% in gasoline and 54% in diesel. At the same time, if we take the ratio of income, GDP and fuel tax, Ukraine occupies a leading place in the amount of tax in Europe.

The condition of roads in Ukraine leaves much to be desired to say the least. Perhaps the situation will change with the advent of the road Fund, which will be flocking fees, instead of going to the state budget. The main thing is that here the evil joke is not played by the notorious corruption. Everyone is able not to let things happen on their own in the country, speaking in the fight against bribery!

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