How much and who will increase pensions from July 1?!

How much and who will increase pensions from July 1?!

The press service of the pension Fund reported an increase in pensions from July 1, 2018. The increase in payments is provided by the law on the budget for 2018, the next growth of the social.standard. However, not everyone will be lucky enough to receive an increased pension.

- The minimum pension will change. Also, the maximum pension, which is determined at the level of 10 living wage, and the pension to donors will change – – said the Director of the Department of pension provision Elena Okhrimenko


The Director of the Department of pension provision Elena Okhrimenko

According to the Director of the PF, the minimum pension for those who have the necessary experience, and it is 20 years for women and 25 for men will be 1435 UAH, while it was 1373 UAH. Will increase its minimum by 1 UAH, and maximum by 61 UAH. For example, if there was a pension of 1434 UAH, it will be 1435 UAH., crazy money, however!

In Ukraine, 300 thousand citizens receiving a minimum pension, while there are those who are paid 30% of the minimum salary, as these people do not have the minimum required length of service. This social pension is 412 UAH, such pensioners in the country 89 000 people! The increase will affect them, the payment will rise as much as 18 UAH.!

At the same time, those who earned a pension of more than 10 minimum pensions, and such in the country 10 000 citizens, instead of the former maximum 13 730 UAH, will receive up to 14 350 UAH. Thus, VIP pensioners will receive payments from 1 to 610 UAH.

It’s amazing for those who are in the middle-gets just above the minimum, but below the maximum pension, will not see the addition at all. Except for those who have a pension Supplement as a percentage of the subsistence minimum. So participants in the fighting receive a 25% surcharge. Now it is 343 UAH, and will be 358 UAH. The next recalculation of pensions and its growth is planned for December, then the pension should increase to 1497 UAH.


Meanwhile, the number of pensioners in Ukraine is falling. Thus, in 2017, according to the Pension Fund of elderly people receiving a pension, there were 11 million 956 thousand people, and this year there are 11 million 711 thousand people. Why is this happening? Elderly pensioners die, and those who are 60 years old, and the necessary length of service is not, have to work up to 63-65 years.

What is the international experience of pension payments? So the French receive a pension in the amount of $ 1050, and contributions to the pension Fund from the salary is 16.35%, in Poland pension – $ 460, and contributions – 19.5%. Meanwhile, Ukrainians pay 22% of their salary, and receive on average a little more than $50.

With this amount of pension and the growth of seniority, the number of pensioners will constantly decrease. After all, people simply do not live up to their retirement age. And, after all, it is well known that the average life expectancy in Ukraine is much lower than in European countries, not to mention the long-livers of the East. Everyone is able to change the situation, not remaining indifferent to what is happening in the country!

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