Exclusive interview with the founder of the recording studio KS Records (Video)

Today we will visit the new recording studio KS Records in the city of Dnepr. The recording studio KS Records is located outside the city, and this choice was not accidental. Outside the bustle of the city, now there is a place where you can rest in peace and quiet from your thoughts, because you create and create good things, perhaps only in silence.

To create a recording studio KS Records, we did not come immediately. Before that, we had an All-Ukrainian tour of the talent show, with which we traveled all over the country. In some cities we visited several times. Invited musicians who can show their creativity for free. After all, creativity, this is the most basic thing that determines and fills a person.

The main task is to help develop this creativity. And now, having created the recording studio KS Records, we hope that all the musicians who took part in the All-Ukrainian tour of the talent show will take part in the competitions, and we, in turn, will do everything that they were recognizable.

Organization “Kozhen spromozhen” and KS Records as a separate project, invites all talented people who are burning with the idea of ​​self-expression, musicians, directors, sound producers, composers, to cooperation. Write to us, and come, everything is possible, because “Kozhen spromozhen” We are waiting for you at the recording studio KS Records, at: Dnepr, ul. Flower 19, tel. 067-854-1000

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