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The all-Ukrainian newspaper "Kozhen spromozhen" was founded in 2016.

Newspaper "Kozhen spromozhen" is a publication about people and for people. The information newspaper covers the events from the author's point of view, exposing all the pitfalls behind certain events in the life of the country and every citizen. Together with the reader, the newspaper understands the pressing problems and is looking for answers to the old questions "Who is to blame and what to do?»

The editorial policy of the publication: to be open to new, to listen to the opinion of readers, making the highest quality and objective product. We invite all Ukrainians to express their opinion regarding not only the materials published in the newspaper, but also to offer new topics that require coverage. After all, the newspaper writes both on regional and all-Ukrainian topics.

Publishing interviews and gets comments from experts in various spheres of life and no matter is the scientist, the Deputy Minister or a factory worker – for the paper "Kozhen spromozhen" important beliefs of each. That is why the information in the newspaper is always true and reliable.



The publication encourages reflection and analysis of the events taking place in the country. Social topics, journalistic investigations, as well as positive events and interesting notes about talented Ukrainians, which should be proud of and whose example should be followed, – all this and much more encompasses the newspaper "Kozhen spromozhen". 

The newspaper exists in the form of articles on the Internet, in particular in social networks and video format. The publication has its own YouTube channel CS INFO – it is informative videos, honest news, interviews, such as they really are! We analyze events with the readers, not for them! Join us! Let's create an objective information product together!

Everyone is able to stay up to date and not be indifferent to what is happening in the country! 


All-Ukrainian newspaper «Kozhen Spromozhen»


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